Movement is Medicine

golden state warriors dancing GIF by NBA

‘Movement is a Medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states’ – Carol Welch

Working with clients who have deep grief or trauma, I have discovered that ‘talk therapy’ rarely helps them heal.

I have learned through healing my own grief and working with others, that when we do activities that create movement and help us express our emotions and pain, we feel lighter.

As life is a continuous movement of energy and change, it’s important to discover ways to connect to this beautiful life force and harmony.  It will be different for everyone and some examples that work well, is Art Therapy, Music, Dancing, Singing,  Yoga, Tai Chi, Laughing, Cooking, Gardening, Reiki, Massage, just to name a few.

When we begin expressing ourselves and our pain outwardly through these activities, we open up our energy field to move and release, and this creates space and lightness.  This space then allows creative energy, vitality and change to flow within us, helping us feel alive and connected again.

Let’s Dance!!

24 thoughts on “Movement is Medicine

  1. This is wonderful, Karen. I oftentimes through a little ‘private dance party’ when I need to pull myself out of a low spot. And love your visual. It reminded me of the clip I saw of an usher ‘cutting the rug’ at a Houston Rockets game. Ya can’t help but smile…

  2. This makes me thing of a line from the movie “L.A. Story” where Steve Martin’s character says “Free your mind and your body will follow” Sometimes I have to do the reverse and move my body and my mind becomes free. My movement of choice is a nice walk down the bike path behind my house.

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