The illusion of Time

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Alice:  “How long is forever?”

White Rabbit:  “Sometimes, just one second.”  

–   Lewis Caroll

Time is not absolute, despite what common sense tells us. Time is relative, and flexible and, according to Einstein, “the dividing line between past, present, and future is an illusion”.
Reality is ultimately timeless… if we allow it to be. 
As I get older and practice living in presence, I am learning that I have complete control over how I see ‘time.’
The essence of relativity is that there is no absolute time and no absolute space, and so if everything is relative, then the most important relationship in my life should be, the relationship I have with ‘time’ because time, affects every part of my life.
If my relationship with ‘time’ is calm, present and accepting, and I treat time as a precious gift, then my life will feel calm, present and accepting.  However, if my relationship with ‘time’ is stressful, impatient, fearful and resistant, then my life will also  feel this way. 
So the question is, “What is our relationship with time?” 
And how can we change this belief, so we can be present in the infinite space of every moment?

25 thoughts on “The illusion of Time

  1. I find pondering about time fascinating. It rules everything if we allow it, it’s an illusion we believe to be real, it curves when we don’t look 🙂 Loved the post Karen ❤

  2. Loved the opening quote, Karen, it set the tone for your words perfectly. Viewing life with such an attitude can be very special ~ in the end, ‘life’ certainly will feel like it took only a second, so may as well live each day with this thought. Cheers to a beautiful post for me to end the day with.

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