Be here


Stress is caused by being ‘here’….but wanting to be ‘there’  –  Eckhart Tolle

Whenever we decide that being over there “we will be happier, wiser, healthier, richer, calmer” instead of being where we are, we lose sight of being present and the healings associated with accepting every situation.

 Understandings to help us become present.

  1. Not knowing/Surrendering
  2. Observing/Witnessing
  3. Compassion

Not knowing what may happen in our life can leave us feeling out of control and yet, when we are able to acknowledge we do not know what may be ahead, we can accept the fact that in not knowing, we may discover there is an expansive plan that will lead us to our dreams and goals.

Bearing witness is observing ourselves through the process, simply allowing and being with all that arises in us during the many stages in life, good and bad, without feeling the need to judge or change our situation.  Although this part is extremely difficult to do in times of immense stress and grief, in practising this process, we will find peace.

Once we are practising the first two then overtime, we are naturally able to become compassionate to ourselves and to those around us.  When we acknowledge only what we know in this moment, we will not allow fear into our future or expect the same pain from the past.


22 thoughts on “Be here

  1. I think this is great piece to understand a place of transition (between here and there). By that I mean, after you decide that you want to move into a better place but cannot quite get there, it become SO painful to not be there. But once accepting of being in a place of transition, you can move away from the past and accept that ‘in between’ place and be present in the here and now. (Knowing that eventually you will get ‘over there’ to that better place).

    1. It can be very painful just sitting in a difficult space Elizabeth and you are right, acceptance and surrendering will help us to move through our situation and arrive where we need to be. Thankyou.

    1. Thats so good Diana, it does takes time to achieve this. It is a daily practice for me and overtime I am seeing how much better I am accepting the many changes in my life. 🙂

  2. The last part of this sentence, “When we acknowledge only what we know in this moment, we will not allow fear into our future or expect the same pain from the past,” really speaks to me. Thank you for sharing this ❤

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