Dive into the Flame of Life

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“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”  Roy T Bennett



I love this wisdom by Rumi.  It always inspires me to change my perspective in life. It reminds me to stop the self-doubt and remember how precious my time here is. The real challenge is always in our attitude, in letting our fears go, and to see the truth in every situation.



“If you are longing to caress the moon,
Don’t turn away from it!
If you are not ill,
why do you crawl under a blanket to hide?

You are in a quarry of sweets.
why do you look so sour?
You live in the spring of life.
why are you withered inside?

Don’t fight against yourself!
Don’t flee from what could be your glory!

Like a fearless moth,
dive into the flame.
Why be linked to your obsessions?

Burn out in the flames,
until your heart and soul are enlightened
Get out of the old carcass
and form yourself a new body.

Why are you afraid of a fox
when you descend from lions?
Why be a lam ass
when you have the strength of stallions?

The beloved you seek will arrive
to open the door to your fortune,
for love is the key
that opens all your locks.”


24 thoughts on “Dive into the Flame of Life

  1. Gotta love Rumi! In the time when he lived, to be so enlightened. Not that time is real, but the 12th century was so weird. Of course, it’s weird now and most people who know of him love him. Here’s to diving into that flame!! ❤

    1. Thankyou Betty. I am glad you found it too and I am so sorry for your loss. My book ‘Courage’ may help you find some support and understanding through your grief also. I wish you peace as you walk this difficult journey.

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