Be true to you

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“A lot of the conflict you have in your life exists simply because you’re not living in alignment; you’re not be being true to yourself.”  Steve Maraboli



Often we can feel trapped by our beliefs and our obligations in life that others have taught us, or continue to expect of us.  The fable below reminds us to always be true to ourselves.  We know deeply what we need in life. No one else can tell us that.  Trusting our inner wisdom and intuition will always lead us on the right path.


“How did you start your spiritual life?” asked one of the Sufi disciples.

“My mother used to say that I was neither crazy enough to check in into a mad house nor saintly enough to enter a monastery,” Tabrizi answered.

“So I decided to devote myself to Sufism, where we learn through free meditation.”

“And how did you explain that to your mother?”

“I explained it with the following fable.  “Someone entrusted a little cat to take care of a duck. The duck followed his adoptive mother everywhere, until the day both of them reached a lake. Immediately, the duck plunged into the water while the cat yelled at the border, “Get out of there! You will drown!’”

“And the little duck answered, “No, mommy, I have discovered what is good for me and I can tell I am in the right environment. I will stay here even if you don’t know what a lake means.’”

Paul Coelho

25 thoughts on “Be true to you

  1. Love it Karen, Im lucky my family understand me and what makes me, me and happy and feeling at my best. I do feel sorry for others that tell me their partners or family say their writing or art is a waste of time. We are such unique beings no one is the same and thats the beauty of being human. Hug from the far south coast K.

    1. It is indeed a gift to be able to express ourselves freely! We all miss out when someone shuts down their creativity or sense of self. Hugs to you too Kath! Keep being the beautiful you we love! 💕💚

  2. I had such anger towards the nursing home manager, Anthony’s brother, and a couple of other people – and I expressed this anger unwisely, publicly, then had to retract. I am wiser now and am grateful to you for helping me find a better way.

    1. Thankyou for sharing so honestly Julie. It takes courage to admit we are wrong and forgive ourselves and others. I appreciate your comment and your strength 💕💚

  3. So great, Karen. I love the picture too. Very cute.
    I love that the duck knew itself well enough and was confident enough to be true to it.
    I think we all know our lake. We just forget it when others try to influence us, or we think others might know more that we do. I’m glad the cat didn’t try to go in after it! Haha!

    1. We do forget and hopefully we all find our lake in life Mary! I’m glad the cat didn’t follow ha! but as a mum it’s hard to let them go too!! Have a great day 💕💚

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