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I know we are bombarded with teachings about practising “being present” which is indeed a practice, still,  I have found it is not easy to apply when a stressful event arises and yet, that is exactly when I need it.

I have realised that when an unexpected stress comes into my life or if I feel I cannot move through an issue, I always have a choice where my mind travels.  If it is in the past, I can have thoughts of judgement, or relive a familiar pattern, or think I know the outcome.  If it is in the future, I can have thoughts of fear or “what if” scenarios or feeling overwhelmed with what can happen.

Because no one moment is ever the same, anything can happen.  Anything can change and anything is possible. Understanding what I need to do and how to react, can only happen when I really feel what I am experiencing in that moment, good or bad.  Attaching my feelings to any sort of outcome or familiarity, leads me out of the present and into stress or fear.

I have been watching where my mind and thoughts go when I am under stress and when I become present, accepting what is, I find I do not have any fear, or worry about what has been, because I realise I do not know what may be next and that anything can move if I allow it.

Understanding and practising this mind shift and allowing myself “to be” present to all that is, aware and awake, I find I have more clarity and I know what to do.  When my mind is busy with the future or the past, I do not receive my answers.  Love and healing are available to us in presence.

“The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with “what is”, when our mind is perfectly clear and present, “what is” is what we want.” –  Byron Katie


19 thoughts on “This moment

    1. Thankyou Vicki. I am always honoured by such positive feedback. We are always learning and hoping to understand how our journey can be lighter and easier, and that is exactly my hope for you and me.

  1. What is.. I’m forever calling myself there Karen!

    I read somewhere that those who live in the past often are sad and those who live in the future are often anxious.
    Diana xo

  2. Karen Im practising to let it go, when something arises that I have no control over. i accept it and move forward trusting that all will be well. Recently I was told I would not get a refund on a couple of hundred dollars that I payed for my daughters school camp as she was ill. I could have stirred up trouble and complained, but instead my husband an I let it go. I still would not have sent her if I knew there was no refund……But on our recent trip to my sisters wedding my daughter came home from school with an envelope in it…… half of the fee. We felt blessed getting money we thought was lost to us. Everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff. I tell myself i will have enough of everything I need in my week and it usually happens. If I complain that I don’t have enough I usually end up scrounging to make ends meet. Life is funny that way.

    1. That is a perfect example Kath of allowing and letting go to what is. I have also had this experience and as I learn to trust this process, I am finding I am doing it more and more. It definitely helps life become easier. Have a wonderful day.

    2. The fact that you do get it, is such a gift Kath! Your Mum sounds like a wonderful role model and her actions allowed you to understand this presence. Everytime we practice, we are making a difference in our lives and others.

  3. A very beautiful and well expressed sentiment and post. I find it a challenge as well to stay focused and free in the present at times when stressed or surrounded by people with a lot of negative energy or thoughts they are expressing.I also agree that is when being present matters most in a way as it still brings me back to inner peace and non judgment, perhaps taking some of the momentum away from the situation and in turn lessening the stress for all that are involved in the situation. It is certainly better than reacting in the same manner out of fear and pouring gas on the fire! Love your posts and the positive energy you share… 🙂 Thank you Karen for being awesome you!

    1. Well said Joe, I have always reacted with ego and fear in stressful situations and now that I understand “presence” I love the results it creates for me and those around me. Thankyou for taking the time to contribute to this topic, you have much to offer.

  4. I really enjoyed this post ~ it is so focused on the present, and even more focused on the positive. It seems when the mind is positive, it is easier to deal with stressful situations. Love and healing is perhaps the most positive thing that exists… Great post Karen.

  5. Karen, your post is so timely for me as I am open to listening and accepting help. But to accept ‘what is’ is very hard for me these days. I long for tradition and my heart simply hurts so the grief is strong. But your wisdom card I hold in my heart for the next few days and I thank you again for your kindness. I know I talk of presence but there are times like now where it is truly hard. ♥♥♥

    1. It is extremely hard when we are in grief or pain from the past Yvonne, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyday it is just a practice to become more aware and awake to our thoughts and what we focus on. We all need to do it and we all find it difficult! Thankyou for your comment.

  6. Thank you for this post Karen. I find it very helpful. It seems so natural to escape from stress by “planning” for what-ifs or comparing the what happened before. As if its an “adult” thing to do. But of course it’s avoidance. I’ve been trying to stay here & now with some recent stresses, and I am surprised by how grateful I am for the opportunity this brings.

    1. I am so glad you are seeing and feeling good results from being in the present MK. Our role models and our upbringingimg often taught us to think in the future or live in the past and so we need to do a lot of re-wiring!! I enjoy your thoughts and comments. Thankyou.

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