When I was first shown how to ground my body and spirit I was amazed how different I felt afterwards.  How it centred my energy and mind and gave me clarity and understanding to know what to do next.

When we feel overwhelmed or spaced out from too many thoughts or from too much stress, we lose our grounding and balance.  Living in our minds, we become disconnected from the alignment and flow of life.  We may find we are forgetful, not present and not able to listen to ourselves or others.

Taking time to re-connect and re-energize ourselves to this life force, that is always available, we become present and re-balanced.

I teach this in my meditation classes and would like to share how you can practice grounding.

1. Find a quiet comfortable place to sit.  Sitting in nature or on the grass is best, but any room on the ground floor is fine as well.

2. Sit straight and relaxed, close your eyes and take some deep breaths in and out slowly, until you feel relaxed.  Become still and present.

3.  Become aware of the ground beneath you and your body sitting on this.  Feel the solidness of the ground around your lower body, feel the strength underneath you.

4. Begin to focus on this solidness and this strength under your body and become aware of the safety you feel connecting to this energy.

5.  Start to breathe deeply and slowly through your body out into the earth/ground, releasing anything you are holding, releasing any stress or tension with the breath.  Visualize your breath, releasing these feelings and tension into the earth.

6. Keep practising this until you feel  lighter and feel you have released any heaviness.

7.  Now begin to visualise the earth again beneath you, but this time imagine the energy which is full, vibrant and light is now coming up into your base chakra (base of your spine) and is travelling up through your body, re-balancing and filling you up with new energy.

8.  Keep seeing that cord of light and energy travel through to the top of your head.

9.  Breathe deeply and relax.

I hope during this very busy time of year, when so many events and distractions can keep us busy, that we take time to practice grounding and re-connecting to this vital energy.

16 thoughts on “Grounding

  1. I love this statement! It seems counterintuitive to society’s method of achieving lofty goals….but the heart and soul are truly the only place to begin and end the journey.

    1. Well, I would like to say I did! but this is a painting from Mother Earth Designs – by Hilary Rice. It is beautiful and actually, it reminds me of the beautiful colourful work that you do.

      1. I will check out Hilary’s designs online. I love this! My sister is a quilter and designs things like this with fabric. She is truly an artist with needle and thread. Me, I love paint and words for my creative passions. Have a wonderful day, my friend.

    1. Thanks Vicki, its easy to be overwhelmed this time of year, everyone I meet keeps telling me they are! Grounding is a gift but only we can make the effort and the difference.

    1. Thankyou Don, I really appreciate that you tried this practice. It doesn’t take long and if it can give us some balance and clarity, then I believe it is worth the effort.

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