Allow change


For us to learn, we must let go of our need to be right.

For us to disconnect from busyness, we must learn to become still.

For us to find our truth, we must surrender our control.

For us to heal, we must admit we are sick.

For us to live fully, we must accept that we will die.

I wrote these words down after a dream I had.  I hope they speak to you today.

28 thoughts on “Allow change

  1. Great post, Karen.
    We all struggle with a control issue. In reality, the power to control or be controlled is out of our control.
    Pilate told Christ: “Don’t you know that I have the power to free you or to crucify you?” Christ replied: “You would have no power over me unless it were given to you from above.”
    I believe this validates your wonderful dream inspired insight.

    1. I often ponder the strength of Jesus during those times when he showed immense self-control and acceptance of his journey. When we do not know this power within ourselves, we search for it in others, but never find it.

      You words are true Alan and I always appreciate your contribution. Thankyou.

  2. AMAZING! One of the bests. I am one who is not very receptive to change. I need some enlightment before I wake up into something. I love that you brought up admittance first. Very very nice, Karen.

    1. Oh thanks Rommel, it means a lot. After the dream I thought Wow this is special but then I wrote it out the next day and thought “Ughh” maybe I should just keep it in my dreams ha. I appreciate your comments.

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