Accepting and Healing

Every emotion is an energy, a frequency and a blessing.  Can you just for today, love whatever arises in you? – Panache Desai

Our energy is always shifting states.  One day we can be upbeat, energised and can achieve a lot, and a few days later we can become deflated, tired and moody.  The saying, “Nothing can limit us” forgets to tell you there is a catch.

In order to move and shift with our ever-changing emotions in life, we need to practice mindful focusing.  Of course the focus is to be in the moment and to be present, but if I am holding any resentment and anger about the past of fear of the future, then it is not possible to be fully present.

In letting go of our wounds and what we relive in our mind, we can become lighter in our thoughts and can begin to focus more on practising the discipline of mindfulness.

Loving our heavy emotions and fears as they arise, and accepting them through the process of healing takes time.  Practising mindfulness daily while we are healing, can help shift our wounds, and can help us become the observer in our pain, rather than the participator.

M – Moment to moment attention through practising Meditation

I –  In the here and Now

N –  Non-Judgemental attitude

D – Detach from heavy thoughts/Heal

F –  Forgive and let go of the wounds from the past

U – Unconditional love and acceptance of yourself and your situation

L –  Learn and live with a childlike mindset and don’t forget to laugh!








16 thoughts on “Accepting and Healing

  1. Cute cartoon, Karen. 🙂
    “Loving…our fears as they arise…” The literal me wonders if I read your words correctly. If yes, I’m unclear about the concept of loving our fears and would appreciate your edifying/clarifying this for me. Thanks!

    1. Yes I can see what you mean. My intent was to say that when we love and accept all that arises in us, the shadow and the light, we have more chance of letting it go than when we resist and dislike those parts of ourselves.

      Love has always been my pathway to healing. As I have learned to accept and love who I am, good and bad, I see what I no longer need and move towards my potential.

  2. Oh! I love the MINDFUL method… it is a very spiritual and helpful acrostic poem! The last line:
    Learn and live with a childlike mindset and don’t forget to laugh!
    is SO true and important! Thank you so much for sharing. Have a nice week-end dear Karen!

    1. Thankyou Frederic. It is a great for us to remember those childlike qualities in ourselves and how easily children can be present. They also know how much joy is in every moment. Have a wonderful weekend too!

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