Shine Brightly

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Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.- Anne Lamott


Have you noticed how people have different reactions to the Sun? Some people worship it, some people fear it and some people don’t go anywhere near it.  These reactions are about the beliefs systems and consciousness of the people, not the nature of the Sun itself.

The Sun is exactly the same, whether it is recognised for its health giving properties, or for being destructive to our health.  The Sun is powerful and continues to shine and simply be what it is, unaffected by the reactions of those to its light.

If we decide whether or not to be who we are, or shine our light, based on the reactions of those around us, then we will feel confused and these doubts will keep us small.

There will always be those who support and love us and those for their own fearful reasons, will not.

Life is always changing around us and although this can be difficult to accept, don’t let these changes or reactions from others, dim your light.

Our unique light will always give hope and love to those who see darkness.


27 thoughts on “Shine Brightly

  1. I like what Sawsan said – Like you Karen! So true.
    I love that Anne Lamott quote. So great!! We don’t need to run around doing things in order to get approval from others. Our light shines through as we do what we love and be who we are. ❤

  2. You are correct, Karen, that many fear the light. For in the light are exposed our many flaws, as a portrait shown in a dimly lit gallery masks much, but when viewed in natural light its imperfection are quite evident.

    The one sure thing of life in this world, beyond that which is born dies, is the rising and the setting of the sun. Without it nothing else would matter; neither fear nor faith. Each dawn God shouts, like a child gleefully being tossed in the air by his/her dad…DO IT AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN ! (G.K. Chesterton)

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