We break to grow.

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Sometimes we have to lose ourselves in life, to connect ourselves back to the truth.


MAN: How do we recover from trauma or tragedy?

OLD WOMAN: It is to be reborn. We arrive in this world in innocence, humility, trust, acceptance and love. But life happens and those true qualities within can get churched off, schooled off, beaten off or just die within us. Sometimes we rinse it off with alcohol, drugs and poor choices.  When we decide to make different choices that lead us back to the truth, to our true self; we have the opportunity to recover ourselves in those qualities again.

MAN:  How will I know what’s true for me?

OLD WOMAN: Choose. Then believe. Then act.  Only you know the workings of your heart. Choose what you heart draws you to.  Not what your mind decides. Choose that everyday until you believe in it. Then act out of that belief. That’s how you will come to know the truth.

MAN: I listened.  I practiced.  I recovered.

Richard Wagamese


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