The Search

Suffering begins our search for healing. – K Lang

No-one wants to suffer, but in my own life experiences and for those who seek counseling, it is our suffering that leads us to evolve, grow and heal.

Eckhart Tolle tells us, “Suffering is a wonderful teacher and for most people their only spiritual teacher. Suffering deepens us.  Most of our suffering is self-created.  It is created out of an interpretation of and resistance to what is.

We need suffering to come to a point of realization that we do not need to suffer any more. Only when you’ve had enough suffering are we able to say: “I don’t need this anymore – there is another way to live.  I will no longer mentally argue with what is.”  That’s the end of self-inflicted suffering.  And, if you no longer inflict suffering on yourself, then you will also no longer inflict suffering on others – because the two go together.”

Suffering is our teacher. When we see beyond the pain and create space in our life, we find the path to healing.


48 thoughts on “The Search

  1. Great post and exactly what I needed to hear today; ” Suffering is our teacher. When we see beyond the pain and create space in our life, we find the path to healing.” Thank you for reminding me to take a healthy approach to the things in life that feel difficult. With gratitude, Harlon

  2. Yes, suffering is our teacher, one mighty master.
    If, and only if, we make the conscious ‘choice’ to be its students. Then, the learning begins.
    Loved this Karen.
    Thank you for posting.

  3. Mentally arguing with what is really is the root of suffering.

    1. Why do we suffer? Would we learn to move differently in life if we didn’t? Knowing human nature, I don’t know if we would? If everything was always happy and easy, then why would I search? I think of all your suffering Mary, but now I see all the beauty, love and wisdom within you that has come from that awful place. I am grateful you had deep courage to move through it all.

      1. Thank you Karen. I can say the same for you. I think being in body gives us the opportunities to grow through suffering. I am grateful I can feel so deeply, whether it is hard or nice. I just need to catch myself when arguing with reality sooner, and stop sooner. That way, I think, suffering will be greatly lessened. Do you agree?

      2. Yes absolutely. I am so much quicker now than I used to be, to move through change and see a greater picture than the one that faces me. It is a gift and I don’t believe we stay in our suffering once we understand why it has surfaced for us. 💜🙏🏻

  4. Suffering certainly is a teacher. It is sometimes difficult climbing out of it to move on, only to slide back and have to start over. But once we’re on that road, where suffering is in the past, wow!

  5. Deeply beautiful. I hate suffering and it never seems good when we are in it, but it does teach us. It does give us depth I think, and over time we begin to understand.

  6. Thoughtful insights here Karen. Your words remind me of:

    Some problems are slow-burners. We live with them for a long time and get used to mucking about in them. Other problems strike hard and fast, coming down on us like a hailstorm. It can be difficult, when the storm hits, to remember that the journey is a benevolent and holy one, a process that is working with us to help us learn something new…Can you at least believe that this situation has the possibility of shaping you in valuable ways and bringing gifts to your life?

    Melody Beattie, The Quest – Day 4

    1. Great words, love them. Can we believe that a tragic situation can possibly change the direction of our life? At the time maybe not, but even though I now know it can, we all have to face difficult crossroads and choose. Choose well. Thanks Dave.

  7. Lovely and so very true, Karen. By suffering we open up to see, how it might be possible to live in this world, just in a better way or condition. We learn to understand and appreciate all the good days, when we have been in the less good. Great post.

  8. A great post, Karen. Sometimes it is difficult to see that our suffering is self-inflicted. So easy to blame others and circumstances. But that is what the learning is about.

  9. I really enjoyed this post and the conversation Karen. Thank you for this!
    You have dropped of my email notifications. I have learned this. I will not suffer.
    I will re-follow you instead 🙏 💕

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