Breaking down the walls

“To let the heart free, all that is desired is for the heart to keep breaking, so that the light can enter and enlighten our existence.”

Breaking down the walls around our heart can be difficult.  They were built to protect us. They were built because we have been hurt and rejected in life. They were built to convince us we are safe.  These walls may keep out the pain, but they also keep out receiving love.

If our true purpose and desire is to love and be loved in return, then we need to learn how to break down these walls and heal.

“Love is who we are without our stressful stories.

When we can question our stressful stories and look deeper into the truth, we can turn them around. It is that simple. We don’t have to try hard to ‘drop it’ or let go of it. It happens naturally when we seek the truth. Simple, yes. Easy, no. Our ego loves to be right. Our ego loves to hold on to the stories that make the ego feel right and justified. Our ego will fight to hold on to our limiting beliefs rather than opting for freedom and love. The cure for resentment is to question our stories, question our beliefs and go deeper into the truth to find freedom. You have a choice – be right or be free.”  – Byron Katie.

When we hear something that sounds like criticism from a family member, friend or  partner, instead of going straight into defense mode or anger, try pausing before you react.

Ask yourself, “Is there truth to this statement?” “Can I acknowledge this within me?”  People want to love us and be close to us, but in order to re-connect and understand each other, we have to acknowledge our vulnerability, let down the walls and recognize the truth. When we acknowledge the truth, we shift everything. We allow light and love in and we begin to heal.

32 thoughts on “Breaking down the walls

  1. It is as difficult to help people see their own biased self reality as it is to help them open injured hearts to the healing light. Those willing and capable of achieving this new reality experience a quality of life few attain.
    Always a joy to read your expression of Beautiful Sentiments.

    1. This is so true Jonathan. I know how hard it is to do, but I have always expanded and healed when I have listened and acknowledged the truth. Thankyou for your wisdom. 🙏🏻

  2. In my Reader queue – the post just before yours! 😉

    Perhaps the real point of life is simply to wear us down until we have no choice but to start abandoning our defenses. We learn that the way things are is simply the way they are meant to be right now, and then, suddenly, at long last, we catch a glimpse of the abundance in the moment – abundance even in the face of things falling apart.

    Katrina Kenison

  3. I love this post and the 3 gates Karen. Thank you for the share.
    When I realize I had build the walls myself, I feel more empowered to work on bringing them down. The shift from outer to inner opens up a flow of healing and wisdom, that we can continue to tap into. 💕

  4. Thanks Karen. I love Byron Katie too.Great post, and I like what Val said -” The shift from outer to inner opens up a flow of healing and wisdom, that we can continue to tap into.” I like a permeable wall, where giving and receiving are the same. Healthy boundaries as opposed to immovable walls. ❤
    Peace, truth of who we are, and kindness.

  5. Words to put into action, for certain. I save the quote image, and my wife and partner said she will try to help me make it my screen image.( I have a new computer!??) When I read it to her she said, “that would be so good if you did that, Bruce!” I will work at it…. Thanks Karen. ( I read the post twice!)

    1. That’s great Bruce! Sometimes it is the right time to read a message and action it in our lives. It takes courage to break the walls down. Knowing we have so much more within us that can expand and grow is the gift. Thankyou for sharing. 🙏🏻

  6. Wonderful post, Karen. This issue spoke to me at many levels, and I know from recent experience that if we seek the truth our stressful stories resolve. Simple yes, easy no. But it works 🙂

  7. Well expressed Karen, it is great to help people leave the past behind and live in and make good choices for the present so that they can enjoy the future and escape the prison of the past:-)

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