Timing is everything…

“Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing.” It waits on the right time to act, for the right principles, and in the right way.” Fulton J Sheen


“When my bow is stretched, a moment arrives when, if I don’t fire the arrow immediately, I feel that I am going to lose my breath,” the German Eugen Herrigel says to his master.

“As long as you try to provoke the moment of firing the arrow, you won’t learn the great art,” answers the master.

“The hand that stretches the bow must open like a child’s hand opens. What sometimes hinders the precision of the shot is the archer’s over-active will. He thinks: “What I fail to do will not be done”, and that’s not quite how things work. Man should always act, but he must also let other forces of the universe act in their own due time.”


Learning to be patient and allowing life to unfold in the perfect time, is not an easy task.  It requires us to let go of our need to know, and to surrender our pre-conceived ideas, that we are in control.

Patience has taught me wisdom and acceptance of what is. When I try to force the timing of a project or plan, I always fall short, and I am left feeling defeated. Moving too quickly only yields fruit with a bitter taste. However, when I sit in the uncomfortableness of patience, it teaches me to be still and to trust the process.  There are always signs to guide me along the way.

Let’s learn to flow with, rather than against the current of life.


Surrender to what is

Move with the ebb and flow of life

Allow yourself to be exactly where you are

Resistance creates barriers

Surrender to what is


41 thoughts on “Timing is everything…

  1. Beautifully captured Karen. I remember when I heard that there was no such thing as patience, but the key was not to be be impatience . Patience is accepting the ways things are and getting out of the way 🙂
    Not so easy!

    1. You are right Val, the word patience is just another word for ‘presence’ and acceptance of what is. That almost makes it easier, we don’t have to try and be patient ha, rather we just have to be ‘here,’ nowhere else to be….:)

  2. Allowing life to unfold as it will is definitely an art I am being taught currently. I’ve not been good at this since becoming an official grown-up years ago:). Life is not letting me skip this lesson!

  3. In a world that seeks and demands immediate results it is the non conformist who is willing and able to follow a path that leads to a desired outcome. Desired outcomes and results need not be the same thing. A desired outcome might be a secondary benefit of a process that misses the original goal. This should not be viewed as failure. It is wiser to embrace an additional attribute that evolved as a result of the process than to force a result that potentially damages an individual and their innate ability to accomplish what might be viewed as a complimentary result. Allowing one’s energy to flow is more pleasing and productive than permitting an individual, a group or a company to confiscate this precious commodity.
    This view on life may make others uncomfortable, but following and appreciating one’s destiny will always create a positive outcome. If the original result is never achieved, it was never meant to be.

    I hope people read your passage several times over. It is my opinion that it offers a perspective that can reduce stress, increase one’s energy and create a true sense of contentment. So many of us could benefit from this “outcome.”

    1. I think I like your comment more than my post Jonathan! You express it so well, and it is true, this type of attitude and practice reduces our stress and increases our energy. Thankyou.

  4. You are so right, Karen. But this is not easy as the world demands “instant” everything. Get it done now, or even better yesterday. That pace easily transfers to out personal lives as well.

    1. The world does demand “instant” from us Helen, everyday! Thats why a practice of stillness each day, helps us understand when to act, and when to wait. Your beautiful sanctuary is perfect for that. 🙂

  5. Being with what is requires patience. I know also, when I don’t know what to say in any given difficult situation, it is better to go inside and BE before I answer something inappropriate. Then sometimes, there is a narrow line between patience and inaction when action is needed. There is a big difference between patience and being frozen. Flow. Love that word. And surrender to what is – is not resignation. Sorry, lots of thoughts in one long ramble. Great thought provoking post Karen. 🙂

    1. Love your thoughts Mary! I agree, there can be a narrow line at times. Sometimes I will take action because I’m fearful I will miss out, only to realise there was no rush, ughhh and it arrives in perfect time. I think I am getting better at it!

  6. I like the thought and explanation you write about patience… It is similar, in a sense, to Daoism where you do not push the issue but wait for the right time for the issue to come and be resolved. My patience always seemed to be tested in my 20s – 30s, but now I’ve come to understand that learning a bit more about the situation and seeing if things can work themselves out has saved me many miserable moments I believe. Thanks for this post Karen.

    1. The ancient religions of China like Daoism, has much to teach us in day to day life. Western culture is very slow to learn. Pushing any issue before it is ready definitely does not work and yet, we continue to try! I have learned too over the years, and this has really helped flow in my life. Thanks Randall. I hope to visit China in the next few years.

  7. I have been learning patience by way of having a child with special needs. My biggest lesson in life is patience and just letting it all go. Recently someone said to me….. you seem like such a calm mum. I smiled inwardly knowing my journey and knowing I still have a way to go. But i am less likely to try and control things now and happier to go with the flow of the day. Love this post as always Karen.

    1. Life’s challenges definitely teach us patience Kath, and awareness that there is no control or perfect. I am glad you are able to step back and allow life to flow. Have a great weekend.

  8. Love this post. I also see the need to act ahead of time in myself. Of course, when I do things do not come out as well as when I let go. Looking into this I can see a big urge do “do stuff”. It is like something in my mind that needs to react to something he can’t really figure out, just as if I would be nothing without acting. As if I could not leave a sign into the universe without acting. When I observe this urge I always feel resistance at first. The urge gets stronger. After a while, though there is a sweet letting go coming in. I am not in charge. This gives me a nice sense of freedom. I can allow myself to do things as arise, without rushing. Also, I have noticed that the most beautiful things happening in my life were also the most random, i.e. those were the need to control was not there. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thankyou for such a great comment and understanding of this process. I agree, we all believe we have to figure it all out, and act on impulse. When we truly trust in life, we can experience the beautiful as you say, and the perfect timing of all things.

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