I see you….

“True vision is the ability to look beneath the surface.  To see in another, more than they are showing you.”  Neale Donald Walsch

When we were away last week, we were looking through some DVD’s, and I suggested to my youngest daughter, we watch the movie Avatar.  I have only watched it once, but watching it again reminded me of the immense wisdom and beauty it holds.

Each time they greeted one another with the words, “I see you”  I actually felt the words within, rather than heard them.  I think we can all relate to the difference between feeling heard and seen, as opposed to feeling invalidated or dismissed.

Sometimes it is difficult to see pass the anger or fear in others, sometimes our judgement is wrong.  The true character and potential of a person is often buried beneath a facade of self-doubt or self-importance. Taking the time and having the patience to look beyond what we first see, is the secret to really understanding “I see you.”

Each time I make an effort to step back and listen, with my heart instead of my head, I always find a deeper sense of others.  We all deserve to be seen and heard, and when are willing to accept and believe this for ourselves, we will begin to do this for others.

37 thoughts on “I see you….

  1. It is important to be seen and heard. Not all are able to give this attention to others, which can have many reasons. We can help by showing the way and hope they will adapt.

  2. I see you.
    I think I spent most of the time watching Avator with gentle tears for our connectedness and my mouth open in awe at the beauty that was created on screen.

  3. I love that movie so much!! I was totally immersed in it. I have it, and have watched it numerous times. When they say, “I see you.” I think of the word Namaste, which basically means the divine in me sees the divine in you. Or like in the book Stranger in a Strange Land, the word grock means totally getting something or someone. I was so taken by Avatar. Don’t you just want to fly around on those dragon like creatures?! And have those strong bodies?!

    1. I did want to fly around Mary, but more importantly, I want to be deeply connected to nature like they did. It was inspiring, and you too know the gift that nature has for us all. Namaste. 🙂

      1. I know. I loved how connected they were. I really wanted to live there, be with them, learn their language. I love the creativity of all the Nature in the movie and the spirituality that they had. Beautiful. I do feel that connection to Nature in this life and am grateful for it.
        Namaste ❤

  4. One of my favorite movies. They valued all I hold dear and you’ve quoted one of the best lines. It speaks of deep connection. Wouldn’t it be great if that were the norm here and now?

  5. This is such a great post…and I wonder as we grow older if it gets easier for us to see authenticity. I’ve heard people say we get more cynical as we get older, which I always find a little depressing, but a positive of getting older is that I do think we can “see better” as we age, and as you say the importance of seeing people (and situations) authentically can brings us up to a higher level. Wish you a great week ahead.

    1. I’m not sure it has so much to do with age, but rather with discovering our own authentic self over many years. The more I understand who I am and my role in this world, the more I see in those around me. I agree, sometimes we can become cynical in our old age, still, often people are like this before they age. It’s an interesting discussion. Thankyou for your thoughts Randall. Have a wonderful week too.

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