Internal Clock

 Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live.    Jim Rohn

 My first career was working as a Nurse.  I have always been interested in understanding how our body works.  I believe that when we increase our knowledge, we create awareness. This helps create a space, to respect and nurture ourselves.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that each organ has its point of highest energy and lowest energy.  We all have times through the day and night, when we are aware that something is going on in our body. I hope this helps you deepen your understanding.

 From 5am-7am each day:

This is the time of the Large Intestine, it can be a perfect time to remove toxins from the day before. The morning is the most important time to drink plenty of water for this process. When you irrigate your system every morning with water your health improves. At this time, emotions of defensiveness or feelings of being stuck could be evoked.

Action:  This is a perfect time to meditate and to do breathing exercises for the day ahead.

7am-9am each day

This is the time of the Stomach, so it is important to eat the biggest meal of the day here to optimize digestion and absorption. Warm meals that are high in nutrition are best in the morning. Emotions that are likely to be stirred at this time include disgust or despair.

Action: Become aware of your thoughts coming in and create affirmations and positive mantras to say.

9am-11am each day:

This is the time of the Pancreas and Spleen, where enzymes are released to help digest food and release energy for the day ahead. This is the ideal time to exercise and work. Do your most taxing tasks of the day at this time. Emotions such as low self-esteem may be felt at this time.

Action:  Even when you do not feel like exercising, exercise anyway.  This gives our confidence a boost and releases our busy thoughts.

11am- 1pm each day:

This is the time of the Heart which will work to pump nutrients around the body to help provide you with energy and nutrition. This is also a good time to eat lunch and it is recommended to have a light, cooked meal. Having a rest or a cup of tea is also recommended during this time. Feelings of extreme joy or sadness can also be experienced at this time.

Action: Use this time to have kind, nurturing thoughts for yourself. Become aware of any stress you are holding.

1pm-3pm each day:

This is the time of the Small Intestine and is when food eaten earlier will complete its digestion and assimilation. This is also a good time to go about daily tasks or exercise. Sometimes, vulnerable thoughts or feelings of abandonment my subconsciously arise at this time.

Action: A great time to release any negative thoughts you are holding.

3pm-5pm each day:

This is the time of the Bladder when metabolic wastes move into the kidney’s filtration system. This is the perfect time to study or complete brain-challenging work. Another cup of tea is advised as is drinking a lot of water to help aid detoxification processes. Feeling irritated or timid may also occur at this time.

Action:  Bring awareness to your thoughts to be more patient and understanding.

5pm-7pm each day:

This is the time of the Kidneys when the blood is filtered and the kidneys work to maintain proper chemical balance. This is the perfect time to have dinner and to activate your circulation either by walking, having a massage or stretching. Subconscious thoughts of fear or terror can also be active at this time.

Action: This is a good time to ground yourself in nature and let go of any fear.

7pm-9pm each day:

This is the time of Circulation when nutrients are carried to the capillaries and to each cell. This is the perfect time to read. Avoid doing mental activities at this time. A difficulty in expressing emotions may also be felt however.

Action:  Become aware of your needs and express them openly.

9pm-11pm each day:

This is the time of Triple Heater or endocrine system where the body’s homeostasis is adjusted and enzymes are replenished. It is recommended to sleep at this time so the body can conserve energy for the following day. Feelings of paranoia or confusion may also be felt.

Action: Remember to nurture and prepare you mind and body for sleep.

11pm-1am each day:

This is the time of the Gall Bladder and in order to wake feeling energized the body should be at rest. In Chinese medicine, this period of time is when yin energy fades and yang energy begins to grow. Yang energy helps you to keep active during the day and is stored when you are asleep. Subconscious feelings of resentment may appear during this time.

Action:  If you are awake, become aware of your thoughts.  This could help you understand what may be waking you.

1am-3am each day:

This is the time of the Liver and a time when the body should be asleep. During this time, toxins are released from the body and fresh new blood is made. This is also the time of anger, frustration and rage.

Action:  If you find yourself waking during this time, you could have too much yang (male) energy or problems with your liver or detoxification pathways.  Become aware of your thoughts during this time.

3am-5am each day:

This is the time of the Lungs and again, this is the time where the body should be asleep.  The body should be kept warm at this time too to help the lungs replenish the body with oxygen. The lungs are also associated with feelings of grief and sadness.

Action: If you are awake at this time, nerve soothing exercises are recommended such as breathing exercises.

Understanding that every organ has a repair schedule to keep on a daily basis offers us the opportunity to learn how to treat ourselves and to improve our health and well-being.  🙂


30 thoughts on “Internal Clock

  1. I really enjoyed this Karen. The owner of my yoga studio is an acupuncturist and so I am aware of the meridians. I didn’t know about the correlation with the times of the day though. It make a lot of sense! And my walking exercise is less likely to be put off until later!

    1. I agree Val. It makes sense to engage in activities around our internal clock. I feel better when I work with this flow. I feel healthier. Happy walking. 🙂

  2. This is a fascinating post ~ so many things that make sense, but yet are also so surprising. Understanding the body needs to come first, then we can take care of everything else.

    1. I agree Randall, more interestingly, I love knowing what organs respond to our emotions, eg: Liver and Anger. So when someone tells me they have Liver cancer, I know there has been a wound of anger and resentment in their life. I am so interested in the connection. Thankyou for your thoughts.

  3. Boy, I got bad habits and vice!!! Eating at improper time and skipping meals is probably my worst. I usually sleep late during weekends only. I did start exercising and lifting weights last March. I also participate regularly in long runs. I’ll be doing one tomorrow – Independence Day 5k Run. 😉

    1. I know but don’t be too hard on yourself. This is just a guideline of how our body works in a perfect world! Our body is always showing us what is not working, so when we listen, we are more likely to heal it! Hope your run goes well. 🙂

  4. Fascinating Karen. I’m an early riser and get my exercise in a little earlier in the day than recommended (usually between 5:30 and 7a), but on the main, I seem to be doing pretty well. Always tweaking one’s systems…. 🙂 Thx, Lori

    1. Exactly Lori, and I think what is right for you is what matters. We all need to listen and be intune with our individual needs, and adjust to changes as well. This way we are more likely to have optimum overall health. 🙂

  5. This is fascinating to me. I’ve often said that if we could just properly combine Eastern and Western medicine, we’d have the perfect antidote to all that ails us–and a recipe for health!

    1. I think you are very normal! and remember this is a just a guideline for the hours of the day. Each of us have a unique clock within. Tune into yours. 💜 Thankyou Helen. 🙏🏻

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