The Road Less Travelled….

 “We must be willing to fail and to appreciate the truth that often “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.”  M Scott Peck

I am reading M. Scott Peck’s book “The Road Less Travelled” and have been impressed with his understanding of human nature.

As a Psychiatrist for many years, his experience working with different forms of mental health  gave him insight into a common problem.  He found the patients that did not recover overtime or sometimes at all, were the ones who were in denial that  “Life is difficult” and at times, requires great effort.  Once we see and know this great truth, we can transcend from it.

He writes about the choices we have to face as Adults when we realise the effect our upbringing has placed on our beliefs in life and the truth about who we are.  Those who believe they can avoid these issues and pain from their past or pretend that it will go away, are the people who create the greatest obstacles and hardships in life.

Throughout his many consultations, he came to understand that a lot of us want life to be easy and want our problems to be solved quickly and found that moaning about the enormity of our problems and our burdens to others, is just another way to avoid the pain and avoid making changes.

He believes we transcend from these difficulties when we accept our responsiblity in the circle of life and take steps forward, changing the map we have been given, and create discipline in our lives to make good choices.

“Once suffering is completed accepted, it ceases in a sense to be suffering ”  -M Scott Peck

These insights are not new for most of us and yet, when we accept the choices we need to make everyday, have the courage to become conscious of our patterns and beliefs, and practice disciplines that guide us and strengthen us, we can begin to see life differently and find the true meaning of our journey.



20 thoughts on “The Road Less Travelled….

  1. Wise words Karen! Its harder to live by them though… I used to think that there was something wrong when life took a downturn or didn’t go the way I wanted it!
    In accepting what is, we are able to make real choices about it instead of beating ourselves up, blaming others or cocooning ourselves in denial. I love his idea of taking responsibility for the cycle of our lives.
    Val x

    1. Wise comment Val! I too have struggled many times, but what I find is true is when I accept that its going to be tough and its going to take effort to complete my goals, I do it with much more motivation than when I resist it and wish it was easy!

  2. I love this post Karen!

    I’m one of those people who somewhat lives in denial…for a period of time anyway. I am a reluctant yet eventual accepter. 🙂 ❤
    Diana xo

    1. Diana, we all at times live in denial! you are not alone in that and then I remember, although it’s tough to get the wonderful results I want, its always worth the effort.

  3. Great post Karen. Very interesting; as Val, I think the idea of taking responsability “for the cycle of our lives” is very wise. And I absolutely love the photo and the “slogan”: “never stop learning because life never stops teaching”. It is so true. You know, I often compare the Earth, or the world we are living in to a school. We are like children. We are at school. And we MUST learn, it the reason why we are here. I’m glad we’re connected, you are a “wonder-woman” 🙂 🙂 Have a nice week ♥

    1. We are here to learn Frederic so true, to observe, to grow and to love and then we return home (like your beautiful poem describes). I am glad to be connected to such wonderful bloggers as well! and I am definitely not “wonder-woman” ha!

  4. Inspired. Thank you, Karen. I realize that in some way recently I have been in a bit of denial, grasping at the idea that life can or should be easy, not so hard. You’re helping me to reclaim my power to face the tough spots head on and move through them from a conscious place.

    1. Thankyou Vicki, I think we all feel like this at times, because somewhere along the way we have been taught that life shouldnt be difficult and so we feel guilty or burdened when it is? I feel encouraged by everyone on wordpresss too.

  5. I’m not going to sound holy here. I do have those problems as well. I do tend to just forget some of my issues. There’s good thing and bad thing about it. I do need to learn to face these issues. Although, sometimes, they (the realization, the understanding) just come even in the most unlikely time and places.
    I do love that book. I shall put that in my recommendation list.

    1. Thankyou so much for your comment. I think we are all “holy”! and if we are searching and trying to improve our life’s journey, then we are in a perfect place to grow and learn.

  6. Thank you Karen. I oftentimes get caught up in thinking others don’t have difficulties, and that is also a form of denial, for in life we are all presented with hills and valleys. It is about how we choose to walk them.

  7. Beautiful comment thankyou. We are all presented with our own challenges and some hide these better than others, hence why we think we are the only ones at times. Have a great day.

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