Heart Healing

“The greatest potential we have for opening our hearts, lies in the opening of our minds.” – Vironika Tugaleva

How do you guard your heart? Is it with fear, anger, selfishness or hurt?  These emotions are powerful and we don’t realise how much of life’s joy we are blocking when we allow these emotions to be held in our heart.  These emotions often come from a place of fear and from past hurts and this fear stops us from receiving and giving freely.

Our hearts are flowers waiting to be opened and to blossom.  Anytime I have been hurt or felt I could not trust in life, I create a barrier around my heart, thinking that if I shut down on some level, I can protect it from being hurt again, when in fact, this is how I block my heart from healing and receiving.

“That is what happens when the heart door opens, you become less yourself and part of everything.  Many are the sentinels who guard that door: Our fears, our self-importance, our meanness, our greed, our bitterness, and others.” – Roger Housden

When we open our minds to change and create new beliefs about life, we begin to realise that it is only through forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others, that we are able to connect to life again and begin to walk along the path of allowing others back in.

Our heart isn’t weak or irreparable .  It’s strong and flexible, and as we allow the infinite love of the universe and others to enter in, you will begin to feel yourself heal and receive what you long for.

Below is a beautiful example of how the heart heals physically when we open  our hearts to heal emotionally first.  Trusting in life again, giving freely and letting go of what was or what could be, we connect to life and the source of all love and joy.

After 9 heart surgeries, Andy Mackie’s doctors had him on 15 medications, but the side effects made him miserable. So he decided to stop all his medications and spend his remaining days feeling as good as he could. His doctors said he would die within a year, so Andy decided to do something he had always wanted to do.

He decided to use the money he would have spent on his heart medicines to buy 300 harmonicas for under privileged children overseas, with lessons.  When he didn’t die the next month, he bought a few hundred more. Thirteen years and 20,000 harmonicas later, Andy Mackie finally passed away.

“Love, like everything else, exists in a spectrum. Love of another, love of the world, love of God, all these loves are really one love in different degrees of light and density.”

13 thoughts on “Heart Healing

  1. “The greatest potential we have for opening our hearts, lies in the opening of our minds.” – Vironika Tugaleva so true! thank you for sharing this… but I would say the opposite is also true:
    The greatest potential we have for opening our MINDS, lies in the opening of our HEARTS.
    have a nice day (or a good night) jet lag is confusing 🙂

    1. Thankyou Frederic, yes this is true also, so whichever way works for us, will be the right way! Have a great day too!

  2. Finding the balance between heart and mind is key … and keeping our heart door open 🙂
    Lovely metaphors, story and message Karen. Thank you!
    Val x

  3. Wonderfully insightful post, Karen. Much to consider.
    St. Catherine of Siena Says: “To join two things together, there must be nothing between them or there cannot be a perfect fushion…without any selfish love of ourselves or others in between, just as God loves us without anything in between.”

    1. I love your contibution to my posts Alan, thankyou. You come from a place of great insight and knowledge.

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