Meditation Practice

Having a practice of meditation each day has helped me in so many ways.  I am always praising the benefits of Meditation, Yoga and Stillness and if you haven’t been able to begin, I hope these tips will encourage you to start.

No Judgement

Before even attempting to do any practice it’s important to understand that your practice is not a performance.  Each practice doesn’t need to be evaluated about whether it was a “good” meditation or a “bad” meditation.  Just accept each practice as it comes, just like everyday is different, so is our time practising stillness.

Setting aside the same time each day to meditate helps me commit to a daily practice.  Doing it at different times everyday, you may find you can’t be bothered or find you get too busy to fit it in.

Everyone’s mind wanders, even people who have been meditating for a long period. It’s part of what the brain does.  I find focusing on my breath or chants like “OM” can bring me back to the moment and even if it’s for a few minutes that’s good.  What you practice and repeat becomes a habit and so you’re strengthening the habit of choice.

Bring Heart into your practice

I think when we are practising anything new for the first time it’s hard to believe there will be any benefits and yet, when we go into our practice surrendering to the “what if’s” and “hows” of change or concerns in life, we can allow our meditation to speak to our inner-self.

The quality of attention has relaxed curiosity and tenderness to it.  It’s a respect to the life we are living and gives us the opportunity to pay attention to the needs of our mind and body and this is so important to our health and balance.

In other words, you’re doing this practice ultimately because you care about yourself and possibly because you know that doing this practice will also be a gift to those around you.

Starting a practice

So many people feel overwhelmed to be still, and so a “guided practice” below can teach you how to begin and allows you to understand how you can practice each day differently.

What else can help?

Lighting a candle, breathing exercises to still your mind, reading your personal mantra’s or inspirational cards or passages that will help keep your thoughts positive.  Letting go of any unforgiveness or heaviness or stress through your breath, seeing it leave your mind and body.

Thank Yourself

Perhaps the most important part of this practice is to thank yourself each time you do it. When the time is up, you acknowledge yourself for making the effort to take time out of your busy day.

This imprints in your memory that you care enough about yourself to nurture and connect to your needs.

Overtime, your practice will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and allow you to see and know more.





8 thoughts on “Meditation Practice

  1. Thanks Karen. Always the right thing at the right time. I am peace and contentment when I am still, so I will be sure to listen to my heart.

    1. Thankyou Katie! You are a beautiful soul with a big heart. Being still just reminds you of that.

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