A Beautiful Tribe

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“When we live in alignment with who we are and how we want to live, we will attract and find like-minded individuals.”
Akiroq Brost


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Haunted Rooms

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“You are a mansion with infinite rooms, yet you’ve convinced yourself you have to live in the basement of a haunted house.”
Nitya Prakash


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Fleeting Moments

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When we live in presence, we see and feel what is precious; what is important.  Karen Lang


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Boundless Soul

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The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed.

The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.-  Kahlil Gibran The Prophet


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“Learn to love without conditions.  Talk without bad intention. Give without a reason.  And most of all, care for others without expectation.”

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Enter the Pale Mist

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“Do you love this world?
Do you cherish your humble and silky life?
Do you adore the green grass, with its terror beneath?”
Mary Oliver

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Courage to Change

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Always have the courage

To Change,

Welcoming those voices

That call you beyond yourself.

John O’Donohue

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Just Bloom

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Bloom as if you want to make the whole world Beautiful – Debasish Mridha


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Let’s face it, we are all experts at doing. So no need to chat about that.

However, finding balance between being and doing, action and non-action, unconscious and conscious awareness is another thing altogether.

Most of us have learned about balance from doing too much. The first time we crash and burn we say, ‘Note to self’…”Must slow down, do less and rest more!” But we forget where we put that memo, and so, we begin the crazy 8 of doing, then crashing, then doing, and then physically being stopped by sickness, chronic illness or just sheer exhaustion and doing again.

But….this formula gets a little repetitive after awhile don’t you think? and is very hard on our bodies.

So what’s the secret? For me it’s just a practice of being. Over many years, and still learning, I’ve finally realised its the practice of being that allows me to see when to do …and when to be. When to take action and when to surrender.

I can’t see it when I’m only doing. It’s not possible. So I have to practice being. A daily discipline!

Being is a set time in stillness, and silence every day. Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

When I’m in this space, my life feels like it flows rather than pushing uphill. In this space, I learn to feel and understand the true meaning of balance.