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When we are in our mind we are automatically in separation.  When existing in separation – we are living in the fear of survival. – Brian Marc Zimberg


Have you ever had someone say something or do something and immediately you felt contracted and hurt?  From this place I may be angry, resentful or shut down.  From this place I may also decide that I never want to be with this person again.

But what if I remembered, they didn’t say or do that consciously knowing that was in them also? What if I remembered, that my reaction to them, is a deep unconscious belief that I still hold for myself?

“For me to resist you, is to resist myself.  For at our most intrinsic level, we are the same, more than that, we are ONE.  Fighting with you is just a distraction from the war that is being waged within myself.  If I want to experience peace, then I must come to peace within.  Embracing every aspect of myself with the love that I am.”  Sa Silvano

When I find the belief within that is separating me from you, only then, will I understand deep freedom, peace and conscious oneness.

“The heart is a sanctuary of inclusiveness, of union, and it is here that I must come.  Here, where I am limitless and eternal.”  Sa Silvano

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