Rise Up

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Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the suffering in the world and often we end up suffering with them, feeling like we cannot make a difference.

However, what I have discovered when working with those who are suffering deeply, is not to take this suffering upon myself to fix, but rather, visualize myself rising up in love and light.

Each day I practice visualizing myself surrounded in love, light and truth and rise up in this feeling.  I then see myself expanding this out to those who I am working with or who need support at this time.

When I am in this place I create light, love and truth around the suffering.  In this place I am more likely to see what is needed for myself and those who suffer.  In this place I allow space for others to know they too, can rise up out of this pain and into freedom.

We are not here to fix the suffering.  We are here to practice rising up.

From this place miracles happen.


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