Lean into Life

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“What people have forgotten, is what every salmon knows”  Robert Clark


In swimming up waterfalls, salmon seem to defy gravity and hold the key to face the impossible.

In leaning into the strong current, the salmon learn that it bounces them further along into their journey.  From a distance it seems magical, as if they are flying, but in reality they are deeply at one with their element.

For this magic to happen, the salmon have to expose their underside and vulnerability into the strong current coming towards them.

The salmon teach us not to let our challenges or our grief sweep us up and away, but to find courage to lean into the forces of nature and life that can hit us squarely and sometimes unexpectedly.

They teach us to face what we fear the most.  To lean into the truth of our reality, and although this exposes our vulnerability and fears, it also reveals our immense potential and infinite possibility.

The salmon show us, with courage, anything is possible.

20 thoughts on “Lean into Life

  1. I’ve been back in Seattle for the past few weeks, and salmon is on the menu several times a week ~ in part, it is because I admire these fish so much 🙂 “The salmon show us, with courage, anything is possible.” Amen to this, and wishing you a great weekend, Karen.

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