Breathe it all out

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What have I eaten?   Lies and smiles. – Sylvia Plath

In our fast pace world, there isn’t much time for us to grieve or express our pain with one another, and in doing so, these suppressed emotions block our energy and stop us from receiving what we need.

How often have you swallowed a lie, an overwhelming emotion, an anger, an abuse, a guilt or an obligation and replaced it with a smile?

When we learn to feel our pain and release what is heavy within us, we allow space for healing and peace.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, don’t swallow these feelings.  Stand on the grass with your bare feet or in nature, and breath it out through you body into the earth.  Keep breathing out until you feel this energy leave your body.  Then stand or sit and breathe in deeply new spacious, light energy to move through your mind and body.

Breathe deeply!

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