Love Prevails

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“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed, is to try one more time”  –  Thomas A Edison


Isis was a goddess in ancient Egyptian religion. It is said she endured many trials throughout her life.  She faced heartbreak and devastating loss many times over, but her response to this was to continue evolving and using all of her power, strength, courage and wisdom to conquer her obstacles.

Her motivation was always love, and although she could have given into hate or despair many times, she never did.

None of us are immune to pain, doubt or difficulties in life, however, like the goddess Isis, we must never give up, no matter what is going on.

Like Isis, we must remember, we all have a courageous sacred warrior within us that will arise when we call upon it. Isis reminds us that even in the darkness and injustice of the world, love will always prevail.  Anything less, is not worthy of your beautiful soul and wild spirit.


25 thoughts on “Love Prevails

  1. Great message and I love the notion of the wild spirit! I have a painting like this on papyrus at home…one in my small Egyptian papyrus collection 🙂

  2. Yes, love will always prevail! We must hold onto that, especially in these most difficult political, and environmental times. Living here with a child leading our country and doing away with laws that protect the environment, children, the elderly, woman, and men it is sometimes difficult to hold onto this feeling. However, as your beautiful post reminds, we must, especially in order to make any changes! Thank you Karen.

    1. It isn’t easy to find the warrior within when we feel despair over our lives and our future. For those who cannot, we continue to support and love and for those of us who can, we ROAR!! 😀
      Thank you Heather 🌈

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