Flowering in Life

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‘Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower’  John Harrigan

I get very excited if my plants begin to flower, mainly because it’s a rare occasion in my house! However, when I understood the effort, energy and the time it takes for a plant to process a flower, I appreciated it more.

In order to complete the flower life cycle stage of growth, plants have to produce their own food.  Plants contain chloroplasts in the leaves which convert the energy from sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water into sugars, which they use as food. After a while, flower buds develop. Some plants flower within days while it takes others months or even years.

If we want to blossom and succeed in life, we have to be prepared to walk through the process of change and growth and learn to nurture and nourish our body and minds along the way.  It isn’t an easy process, but with patience and discipline, you will discover that the buds and flowers of the future, grow from what you do today.

27 thoughts on “Flowering in Life

  1. Yeah, it’s the discipline part that’s so hard, haha!
    Worth it, if I can just make myself do the things I know are good for me!
    Seems I go through phases of taking really good care….and taking a break from it all, which is self care too, I guess.
    Everything in moderation, including moderation. 🙂 ❤

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