Comfort Zone

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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  – Neale Donald Walsch


What makes you feel uncomfortable?  Have you ever asked yourself why?

If I ever feel annoyed or uncomfortable with the behavior of someone around me. For eg; Someone who speaks their mind freely and has no trouble expressing how they feel, instead of saying, “That really annoys me,” I ask myself a question.

“Do I feel comfortable speaking the truth to others?” “Do I feel free to say what I am feeling?”

I always find the answer is “No.”  If I feel uncomfortable with someone’s behavior, then I need to ask “What is uncomfortable in me?

It might be you feel uncomfortable with your body image, your ability to express how your feel, a belief that you are not strong enough or good enough.  When we feel uncomfortable living our authentic self, our outer world is reflecting this belief.

So how can we change this? At first, there is obvious discomfort as we leave our old behaviors and thinking, but with practice living and expressing our authentic self, we will find deep peace and comfort in being ourselves.

Find what is uncomfortable within and let the truth change this old story.

You will be amazed how everyone around you seems different, and that life becomes a lot more comfortable.


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27 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. A great post. I have always believed that our greatest growth comes when we move towards the things that scare us or make us uncomfortable. I am going to use the Walsch quote for my next quote for public speakers.

    Thank you for the post.

    1. Well I find there’s only discomfort, when I don’t believe that living authentically is enough. Once I’m comfortable living this truth, life becomes comfortable. Make sense? 😀

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