Love says, there is a way..

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In total faith,

Love tenderly guides every lover

to the garden of the heart,

Reason says,

The world is limited in six directions,

there is no way out.

Love says,

There is a way and I have traveled it many times.



Often our fears of the future and our inability to take control in life, can leave us feeling vulnerable and exposed.

Fear limits us and keeps us believing, there is no way out of the chaos and the heartbreaking pain in the world.

When we let love in and let it guide us in every decision, we will always find a way through.


Image result for quotes on love by hafiz

32 thoughts on “Love says, there is a way..

  1. Fear is in our minds, and love is in our hearts. When we trust in our heart everything shifts.
    Thank you for sharing this Rumi Poem today. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ’•

  2. Recently, I was pondering why we fear the worst when the possibilites of good things happening are equal or greater? Why not think only of the exciting possibilities?

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