Wise Decisions

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A new decision is measured by the fact that you have taken a new action. If there is no action, then you have not truly decided.




Each day we make many decisions consciously and unconsciously that create pathways to our future. These decisions lead us into light or heavy energy, these decisions create contentment or suffering.

From a young age we develop beliefs, thoughts and behavioral patterns that over time condition the choices we make.  When we make a commitment to become aware of our decisions, we can begin to change their direction. These new decisions create new energy, which allows wisdom to choose differently.

Some examples of the different types of decisions we can make consciously are; Will I sleep in a few minutes more?  Will I reach for the phone and begin work? Will I take some deep breaths and focus on my body and spend some time in gratitude?  Will I watch the sunrise and appreciate the miracle of a new day? As I approach my eating for the day, will I decide to eat healthy or not?  At work will I decide to walk up the stairs or take the elevator?  Will I decide to take an opportunity to sit in the park or walk and clear my mind?  Did I see the homeless man or woman lying on the ground or did I spend the entire walk down the street on my phone? In the evening do I remember to be grateful as the day ends?

No matter where I live or how I feel, my daily decisions are creating the life I am in now.

Each day I create space to listen and make my decisions consciously.  From this place I gain insight, clarity and wisdom to make better choices.  From this place, I open new pathways to healing and freedom.


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24 thoughts on “Wise Decisions

    1. Ha 😀 well here’s the thing Mr K, we are all making these decisions and more each day, but most people aren’t conscious of any of them and are certainly not deciding on a better way to live and there lies the problem! 💚

  1. Wonderful post, Karen. I’ve often thought that not making a choice is also a choice. We are accountable for our actions and lack of action, decide what we will let in, what we will ignore, how we will approach our days and nights. There’s great power in that as well as great responsibility. That’s for the inspiring post. I hope all you read it choose love today. ❤

  2. A powerful and important reminder about the choices that we have each moment, Karen. and a beautiful meditation and photo as a guide. “Each day I create space to listen and make my decisions consciously. From this place I gain insight, clarity and wisdom to make better choices. From this place, I open new pathways to healing and freedom.” Thank you. ❤

  3. My mother’s words come to mind: “Actions speak louder than words.” I often remind myself to only trust if people put their money where their mouth is:).

  4. Wise words Karen, thank you. So true how our day is made up of choices / decisions. Love the DDD alliteration (I think?) … It’s def been thought provoking for me today – Thank you, Suz.

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