Until you know, you don’t know

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Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life; don’t allow this truth to grow fear, but allow it to spark creativity and space, to live in this moment as it is. –

How often have you been so sure that something would happen, good or bad, only to discover it didn’t manifest.  I believe we are not supposed to know the future.  The only time I feel stressed is when I am thinking about what might not happen, or what could happen in the future.

Besides, would we want to know?  Would we cope knowing the path ahead? The good and the bad? We convince ourselves that we would, but deep down, uncertainty drives us to live fully in this moment, and when we stray from that place, we are not happy.

Psychologist Elisha Goldstein writes in his book, “The Now Effect” “Our intention is at the root of why we do anything and plays a fundamental role in helping us cultivate a life of happiness or unhappiness. If we set an intention for being healthier, calmer, happier, and place it at the center of our life, we are more likely to be guided toward it.”

Creating space around my uncertainty is what helps me live fully in this moment.  If I am concerned about any situation, I sit in stillness and create space in my mind, by creating possibilities around my needs.

My mind might say “But what if it doesn’t happen?” and so, I replace that with “What if it could happen, another way, at another time?” Immediately I feel calmer, and have created a new pathway to my uncertainty.

To guide my thoughts out of fear and the unknown, I have to expand my thoughts in this moment.  When I do this regularly, I learn to see life from a higher perspective and infinite space and this opens my limited mind.

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28 thoughts on “Until you know, you don’t know

  1. Good topic, Karen. I do not want to know the future, no – and I’ve pondered this many a time. Funny to read you post today, as husband Chris and I were just talking about this last night! If we were physicians, would we tell someone how long they had to live, if it was limited by our knowledge of a disease? There’s the part of that which says well, they’ll need to be sure to get their affairs in order. Then there’s the other part that says well, who knows, miracles happen, and who am I to plant some date into this person’s mind which then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy? Aloha, Karen. Enjoy your day! ❤

    1. It is an interesting topic Bela. I actually have psychic dreams which help and guide me through life, but when I dream about a sickness, stress or death in another person, I don’t usually share it, as I also believe that the future can shift and be changed depending on the individual. I don’t think knowing helps us grow and expand in this moment. Aloha to not knowing Bela! 💕☀️

  2. I recently got information that makes me know something could have a profound negative effect on me, financially. The problem is, I won’t really know for about twenty-five months! Bizarre but true.

    For the first two days after I learned this, I was a nervous wreck. Then I decided I need to live. I have absolutely no control over what will or will not happen. In twenty-five months I will know, and if it is negative, I will deal with it as best I can. In the meantime, I cannot put my life on hold or stres myself into poor health. Once I decided that, the stress slipped away.

    Of course the fear flares now and again, but overall, I have been able to put it aside. I think this is the first time in my life I have just set a major worry aside. It feels so good!

    1. Thankyou for sharing Emilie and this is a great example of knowing information from the future in the now and how our minds cope with that. We don’t. I am so glad you created new thoughts around that information and because we don’t know how it may unfold, then you can create an open attitude around it each day. Release any fear and step into the unknown in confidence, you are safe. 💕🙏🏻

  3. Karen, thought provoking post.
    Reality is subject to time and circumstance. What is true of one day may not be of another. In that one finds hope. Gravity is a truth. If I choose to test it be stepping off a ledge matters not. For whether I do so on a Monday or Wednesday, the result will be the same. In that one finds common sense. In either case one finds peace in limits that can be accepted through hope or common sense.
    “Don’t concern yourself about tomorrow. Today’s troubles are enough.” – Matthew 6:34

  4. This is a topic I have ponded quite often after the doctors gave my hubby a 20% chance to live the next 12 months…this was in 2005. He’s still here and his heart is doing much better than 12 years ago. At that time, I decided not to get into that fear space…and so did he. We have lived quite happily ever since, one day at the time 🙂

  5. Great post! I like this sentence especially, “What if it could happen, another way, at another time?” I think it is much easier to open up the space of possibility when we don’t try to control the outcome. ❤

  6. I loved all of what you said in your post but I was particularly struck by this:
    “My mind might say “But what if it doesn’t happen?” and so, I replace that with “What if it could happen, another way, at another time?” Immediately I feel calmer, and have created a new pathway to my uncertainty.”
    Nice! 🙂

    1. Thankyou Carol. For someone who likes to control the future ha, I’m well practiced in the area of surrender and letting go! And it does work. Nice to have you here. 💕

  7. Karen I was one of those people who often thought way too far ahead. Try to not do it as much these days and feel less stressed. So I would have to totally agree with this wonderful post.

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