Create Space

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Letting go becomes easier when we see not what we lose, but all that we gain, in creating space for something new.


The function of a room,
Is in its emptiness.
A room that is cluttered,
Has less space to live.
So it is with the Dao.

To know how we are feeling about our life and to understand who we really are, we need to create space during our day; to connect to our feelings, to let go of any emotions that hold us back and be open to create space and receive.

34 thoughts on “Create Space

      1. I’m glad to be back, Karen, after a rather long holiday from blogging. It’s a bit hard though getting back to a routine…like going back to school after summer vacation!

  1. Like this, Karen. Like the rich man who asked Jesus what he could do, beyond obeying the Ten Commandments, in order to enter Heaven. He sadly turned and went away when Jesus said to give up all that he owned to the poor and follow Him.
    We must also empty our hearts of those things that bind us. So then we can make room for God’s love which frees us.

  2. Oh, I love when I read one of your posts and realize we were channeling the same bits while writing separately. My recent spate of clearing things–real and metaphorical–in my home reflects what you have here.I’m a believer!

  3. I just read something earlier this morning about how we tend to hold onto “bad” ~ generally negative emotions that create grudges or arguments, instead of letting them go…creating space for good. This is just the feeling I had when reading your post here ~ let go of the negative thoughts, to create space for good/for life. Cheers to a great day.

  4. I love how you brought such a big topic down to today. This moment. Our feelings right now.
    Thank you Karen.

  5. Karen I totally agree, the old saying one door closes another opens is what I said this week. Letting go of things I did for others last week in the hope other opportunities arise. I have freed up my time a bit to work on my art. Finished my volunteering at the school and at a local Information centre. It is time this gal made some space for the new opportunities involving my art.

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