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Hi Everyone!

I am very excited to share with you my first book “Courage”!

I had my book launch last night and it was such a wonderful embrace of love and support.  About 100 people attended and it was really a special experience for me.  Of course writing a book is never about the story but about meeting all the beautiful mentors and guides along the way and learning all there is about publishing and myself.

There were lots of emotions exposed during the journey of writing.  It was about letting go and not getting caught up in the small details.  It was learning to be patient with myself and those around me who helped produce my book.  It was about sitting in the uncomfortable moments of judgement about myself and at times, feeling exposed and vulnerable.

It was taking the time to expand these feelings and allowing myself to accept and love all of them.  It was about living one day at a time and remembering why I wanted to write this book.  To help anyone struggling in their grief or who is feeling lost and disconnected in their life.  It is my story of hope amongst our sadness, pain and loss.

If you do wish to buy a copy then just click on my book above and it will take you straight to my book website.  I would love to hear what you thought or you can write a review on Amazon.  My story is just one story amongst the many in life, but I do believe we are all connected to each other, and as I grow and heal in my grief, I hope others can too.

Thankyou so much for your ongoing support and love. 


83 thoughts on “COURAGE

  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!! Wow!!! (jumping up and down and hollering wooohooo!!!)
    I would whistle too, but I’m not very loud. This is so great. You did it! So much you went through to get to this point!! Losing and grieving and processing and learning and writing and grieving and blogging and counseling others and grieving more and writing more and editing and finishing and publishing!!!!!! Wow! And now the Launch is behind you! I can’t wait to read this book!!!!
    Much love and admiration,

    1. Ha thankyou lovely Mary, I am so grateful for your excitement. It is exciting and I am glad it is finally finished. I am very grateful for the love and support I have received so far. Thankyou my dear friend.

    1. Whoop indeed! I was so nervous at the launch when I saw all those people Noelle, but I took a deep breath and stayed in that moment of gratitude. Just press on the front cover and it should link to my website, let me know if it doesn’t. Thankyou for your support.

  2. Congratulations, Karen. I’m certain many people will gain greater comfort reading your words that offer guidance, support and methods to achieving BALANCE in life. I know you have been through a lot personally which simply adds additional credibility to your messages. Life is difficult and challenging, but, oh so very worthwhile.
    Wishing you much success with your first book as well as ALL your undertakings in life.

    1. It is so worthwhile and that is how I feel about his book. A lot of hard work but I know it will make a difference in this world and that is what counts. Thankyou for your support Jonathan.

    1. Well I love Editors Emilie!!, they helped structure my book and gave me great insight and knowledge about how to write more deeply. Thankyou for the work you do and for you wishes.

  3. Congratulations Karen! It takes so much courage just to open up and share to those near. But then to also share with people far & wide, and also to have the courage to publish a book — kudos to you.

  4. Congrats,
    Karen!! Much success with your promotions. I will be looking forward to reading your book.
    I know the challenge in writing a book that reaches to the depths of one’s heart. I can tell you I was better for it. For it honors those who so most influenced our lives. My effort resulted in the writing of “The Little Red Chair.”
    God Bless, Karen.

  5. Congratulations again, my beautiful friend. Your website looks brilliant. It is wonderful to hold your book and know the love, courage and wisdom that has gone into it. X Melissa

  6. Congratulations, Karen! As a writer, I know how much energy and effort such an undertaking entails. What an accomplishment! So very happy for you. Cannot wait to check out the book. Sending big hugs over the miles to you. A big, big day…

    1. Thankyou Lori. It has been a learning journey that’s for sure. I have been surounded by such beautiful mentors and that really helped. Thankyou for your hugs and support. I appreciate it.

    1. Thankyou Elizabeth. If you click on my book in this post it will take you to my website and you can purchase a copy from Amazon. If you have any problems, please let me know.

  7. Congratulations, Karen! I am sure your work will touch and help many people, and already has. This feels from afar like a celebration of your journey– a moment to look at what has been and see the unexpected beauty of it all, and to carry that light forward into the new…


    1. It’s interesting you say that it feels like a celebration Michael, as my Editor described my book launch as a “Hero’s Welcome Home” And I guess in a way it was. I have been on this journey for 15yrs and it was time to share what I have learned and the wisdom I have received through the experience of death. Your comment is just beautiful and I am grateful for everyone’s love and support. Thankyou.

  8. Karen, I am reading your book and it is touching such a cord with me and for me. While my loss is of course different than yours in many ways, the very emotions and feelings you describe at the beginning are so relatable to me. I am so sorry for the precious loss of your sweet young son, who is just a year younger than my own son. If I could hug you in person I would, nothing to say, just hold you. I applaud your bravery for sharing your story and your courage.

    1. I am so glad you felt connected to my story Heather. I believe my book is based on universal grief that we all share and that we all need to heal. Thankyou for your hug and kind thoughts they are well received. Did you just read the “Look Inside” or did you buy a Kindle?

      1. You are spot on as to the universal feelings, many of which are similar. I have never given much thought to the fact that even different losses could invoke similar feelings. Your story is validating in so many ways, and that is what makes it such a place to breathe, a place to be able to sit with it all. I am not finished, and yet I wanted to say thank you for sharing with all of us the love, loss and hope that grief can be as we make our way into our new life.

      2. I feel so honored by your thoughts about my book, I am receiving the same comments back here in Australia everyday and I am grateful for the healing spirit that is moving through Nathan’s story. It is a gift to us all.

  9. I haven’t been keeping up with blogs lately due to other commitments but yours is always so inspiring. I also love Rumi! Life is a great mystery, I’ve had a few tragedies but still, what a privilege to be here.

  10. This is so awesome Karen Lang!! Congratulations on so many levels to get to this place. Now you can really inspire and support so many others on tending journey.
    Love it! And you for brining it to life ❤️

  11. Congratulations Karen on this achievement! While I know it was not easy to write this book, I am sure it will help many people struggling with grief. I got it and look forward to reading it soon ❤

  12. Congratulations Karen. I am looking forward to reading your book. Thanks for being courageous and vulnerable. Your book might be just the healing balm for so many. Much love to you.

  13. Congratulations, Karen! My teeth just about fell out of my head when I saw your title. My last post is called “Couage”. I truly wish you every succes. May you help many others who are walking your shoes. Bless you! ❤

  14. Just went and read as much as I could on Amazon… heart aches for your family, but your story will be so helpful to others who have lost a child…..thank you for sharing your courage with us….kat

    1. Thankyou Kat. The rest of my book reveals how I healed this immense grief and my hope is that this story can be shared with anyone who feels alone or lost in their grief. 🙂

  15. Congratulations Karen I am late to the party. You will help so many with your words. Your son would be very proud of you. Big hugs, hope to buy it soon. Can I order it from my local book store Karen??

    1. Thankyou Kath!! I have my book in Dymmocks, Mary Ryan which I was no.1 in the top ten and now I am no.2! So happy. It is also at Angus & Robertston bookstore so I am sure if you go into any of those bookstores and ask for a copy to be ordered in your town, it would be possible. Let me know if you have any trouble. I really want you to read it!! Thankyou for your support. 🙂

      1. If they can’t let me know as my friend in Melb couldn’t get it at her Dymocks and I called them and they are going to stock my book now. Thanks Kath ❤️❤️❤️

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