Be attentive paying close attention to your internal and external needs.  – Asa Don Brown

Last night at 3am my Apple Mac called out in a very loud deep voice “Excuse me, iTunes needs your attention.”  It was an unexpected voice in the middle of the night, but it made me wonder how amazing it would be if we all had an automatic response in us, who told us when we need to pay attention to our body or our minds.

Something like, “Karen, your energy is very low today and it requires your immediate attention,” or “Karen, you have neglected to let go of a comment the other day, and it requires your attention!”  Wouldn’t that be great!

I wish it was that easy!  I have learned to listen to my needs and pay attention to my body and mind, by practising stillness each day.  Over many years I have become sensitive and aware of what I need and I ask myself each day, “Is there anything I am holding?”  “Is there anything I need to expand in myself?”  “Can I feel any tension in my body?”  “Do I need to rejuvenate my energy today?” These questions help me focus and allow me to address my needs.  I find if I let go and expand a little each day, I am much more likely to replace my energy quickly, rather than over a week or having an illness slow me down.

Happy connecting everyone!  and have a very Happy Easter.   🙂

41 thoughts on “ATTENTION….

  1. We have a tendency to get so caught up in the daily noise, we sometimes overlook the messages our bodies are sending us. I completely agree with you.

  2. How fortunate you are Karen, to have learned and embraced this for yourself. It is indeed a skill, a gift, that many would clearly benefit from. Just recently I heard someone share a mantra she has found helpful… “Pay attention to your intention.” Happy Easter greetings returned!

  3. Good one. I learned these things fairly early, dealing with illness. Then as soon as I got better, I promptly forgot! Haha. I do try to listen. My body usually does what your computer did. It gets my attention pretty easily. Now, do I always listen? I would have to say no. Thanks Karen. Happy Easter to you!

    1. Ha ha I forget too, but I really do not like to be sick and so I am very diligent now. You speak for us all Mary, you are a honest beautiful soul. Have a lovely break over Easter.

  4. It took me awhile to actually listen to my mind, body and soul. In stillness it whispers, in daily noise it shouts but often being too late. I’m still mastering such awareness but if only people would pay more attention. I agree with you. Happy Easter!

  5. Great reminder, Karen. I love the questions you ask about paying attention. Paying attention also helps us to avoid mistakes, say or do things we might later regret.I used to wear a bracelet I bought at a meditation retreat years ago. Each time I would either look at it or fiddle with it it would remind me to be present and to pay attention. Your post made me take out that bracelet once more. Thanks. .
    Happy Easter to you as well! 🙂

    1. Having a reminder like a bracelet really helps, I have a watch that says on the watch face “NOW” as there is no time but NOW, and so that helps draw me back too. I am glad you can wear your reminder again. Happy Easter, thankyou Carol.

  6. fantastic idea…love it…my daughter leaves herself messages so she reminds herself in that manner, but its not automatic…Happy Easter my friend….kat

  7. Your post is so motivating! I am still trying to learn to listen myself and my needs. It is not so easy when your life is full of routines. However, it is really aspirational. Happy Easter! 🙂

  8. It is not easy to be constantly aware of your emotional and spiritual needs because it is easier to focus on the physical ones. Emotional and spiritual health is as important as the physical one. Yes, pay attention to the little things, be aware! Thank you for this amazing post!


  9. Wow. I don’t know if I find that creepy or great! I am beginning to worry that between the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, we will find ourselves in some science fiction movie, battling the ‘bots:). Seriously, I wish it were as easy as a shout-out to remind ourselves what requires our attention . . .

  10. Urgh Karen! Sometimes, reading advisory blogs is a pain. Ahihihi 😀 I do need to take this advice…. but that means I need to sleep early tonight. 😀

  11. I agree it would be wonderful to have these prompts Karen. I also listen when I think about a certain person, I try to follow up and connect with them. Life gets so busy sometimes we miss the important stuff. The meditation helps clear the mind and focus on whats important. Have a great saturday Karen.

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