Our journey

Ships don’t sink because of the water around them.  They sink because of the water that gets in them. – Darren Poke

As another year ends and I reflect on the New Year ahead, I am becoming more conscious of what I allow in and what I need to release.

When we allow negative thoughts or heavy emotions in, we can feel overwhelmed and at times, it can feel like we are sinking. Being present and aware of how we feel each day, we can sense when heavy energy is seeping in or moving around us.  It is important we respond to this when we see it happening.  This way we won’t feel afraid or trapped.

There maybe times when we need to connect to our inner strength and face our sinking ship, and it is amazing what we are capable of when desire, supersedes negativity. Sometimes we will need support and with patience and love, we can lighten our load and move forward.

We all have our part to play in life, keeping negative thoughts and heavy energy out of the ship, sometimes this is difficult to do, but when we work together daily towards a common goal, we are more likely to experience smooth sailing and a lighter journey.

Happy New Year to everyone.  May 2016 bring peace, love and abundance to you and your family.

61 thoughts on “Our journey

  1. Another lovely and wise post, Karen, and a wonderful visual that I will draw upon over the coming year, I am certain. 😊 May you be blessed by calm seas and fair winds throughout the new year….

  2. Yes, my ship has sprung quite a few leaks over the year(s). You find it is best to turn on the bilge pump, or start bailing water, because watching the water level rise inside of the ship, doing nothing, in shock of it all, is actually a quite painful approach. There is something joyous about inspiring oneself onward with a positive movement. It’s like the whole scene fills-in with fresh light and is repainted with new meanings and possibilities…

    Happy New Year!

    1. Oh I would like to think of myself as a feather! Thankyou, I’m not sure if you are such a bulbous anchor though ha! Well I am ahead of you in one way, its January 1st here, so I hope your night is fun, as you bring in the New Year on the other side of the world. 🙂 Thanks Dave, I really appreciate your friendship too.

  3. Negativity is as much a part of the human experience as disease is to the body. Learning what it takes to strengthen our bodies both physically and emotionally helps achieve the harmony we seek in life. This does not mean we should embrace or encourage negativity, but rather not fear it when it enters our lives. Our ability to “channel it” provides a productive method to avoid its damaging effects.
    Your messages always bring hope, awareness and a better understanding of human emotions. They are a gift that many have come to rely on.

    Have a safe and joyous experience for the New Year.

    1. You are right Jonathan, it is being able to channel our energy whether it is negative or positive in the right direction. This gives us a clearer path and a lighter journey through life. Happy New Year and thankyou for you thoughtful comments. I appreciate them.

  4. Wonderful advice! These past couple of years I have finally become little more aware of what I allow to stay inside and are willing to nurture, and what not. Life flows so much better – although I’m still clearly very much work in progress 🙂 Have a beautiful 2016, Karen!

  5. Beautiful Karen and Happy New Year for you and yours 😀
    It is important to take care, how much we allow others to get stucked inside us with either positivity or negativity. To be awake helps a lot.

  6. Think this is my favourite post yet Kaz. Thank you for sharing this. It really hit home with me. My sweet friend.

  7. Great post, and I think important for everyone to, as you say, “…becoming more conscious of what I allow in and what I need to release…” This is such an amazing world/life we live in, and it can be quite debilitating at times, but all it takes is understanding where we are now and it is within our decision/power to make something positive with what we have. This is a perfect post for me to begin the new year – and I wish you the absolute best as you move into the New Year Karen.

    1. Happy New Year Randall! I agree the new year is about allowing in what we need and releasing what we longer need. Your new post is a perfect example of this as we understand how precious time is. Thankyou for your thoughts. 🙂

  8. Karen I wish I had read this one before xmas, I may not have let so much negativity reach me. Oh well thats life I suppose. My lesson for xmas was divine love. Loving those who maybe hard to love at this busy, crazy time. It helped me deal with some family issues and I did release my negative thoughts it helped to let them go and forgive.

    1. You are not alone with those thoughts Kath, especially when we are with family so much more over this period. Glad you were able to understand these feelings and let them go. It’s the journey! 🙂

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