The authentic is almost never found while being pursued; but there is no missing it when you are in its presence.     Eva Hoffman

If I had to think of one word to describe authentic, it would be ‘freedom.’ Freedom to be who I am meant to be.  I think we all know what it feels like when we, or those around us are not authentic. It feels uncomfortable, and it takes a lot of energy to convince ourselves and others.

It is impossible to be authentic and do what others approve of at the same time.

Stepping out of our comfort zone and feeling free to be who we are, takes courage.  Finding what we need to do, to feel this authenticity is the difficult part.  Practising stillness everyday guides me. The silence creates space for me to listen and see the signs, which leads me into being where I am meant to be.

We should not have to convince anyone what feels right for us.  We should not have to be someone we are not.  If I have trouble finding that space, I focus my energy on being creative and practice serving, this always moves me forward.

Finding what moves us into our authentic self is worth every effort, and when you find it, express it to the world!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful ‘Blogger World’ and for the gifts of authenticity you share with me each week.  You inspire me, warm my heart and make me smile and laugh! Thankyou, Thankyou, for being who you are, and for your continued love and support.

“The Authentic Self is the Soul made visible”  Sarah Ban Breathnach

23 thoughts on “Authenticity

  1. I love the way you unite freedom with being authentic, Karin. No doubt, there is a peace and a freedom in all expressions of authenticity. I also find that spending time in quiet helps me to discern in me that which is authentic and inauthentic. So I would say practicing silence and listening to myself tends to move me towards the authentic, but it’s not an easy journey. The ego is wily.

    1. Yes the ego is wily! I think you are very authentic Don, and we all evolve differently. I’m learning it is far too difficult to be someone I am not, and the freedom to be me makes my life full and happy.

  2. I was a bit hurt the other day when my son, Ming, said his new girlfriend thought I was a bit spiteful. In retrospect I was doing that sarcastic banter thing with him and now I feel so ashamed to have made such a bad impression on his first ever girlfriend.

    1. It is always difficult Julie when someone confronts us with harsh words. If this happens, I always question, “Is there some truth to this or is it just the other person’s pain within. Don’t feel ashamed, just become aware. Everyday is a new day to let go and begin again.

  3. “It is impossible to be authentic and do what others approve of at the same time.” I think just knowing this is a key part to recognizing just who it is you are ~ even though I am far from doing so 🙂

    1. I’m not sure you are so far from doing this! Take heart, the work you do is so beautiful and authentic, this is one of your many gifts. I’ve realised, as I learn to let go of the approval of others, and the limits it places on me, I have been able to focus more deeply on my needs and what feels right for me. This has really helped me understand the immense potential we all have and overtime, feeling free to share this!

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