Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognise and appreciate, until they have been depleted.  –   Denis Waitley

Balancing our work time, partner time, family time and social time, which all demand attention, we often forget to stop, recharge and replenish our energy.

I think most of us believe we are invincible in life, until our bodies prove otherwise.  Feeling tired and depleted on a regular basis, is not a level of energy we should accept as normal.  Topping up regularly is a much better option, rather than waiting until we are running on empty.

I have seen this happen in my own life many times and the fuel tank is a great metaphor and reminder.  How often do we know we need to get fuel and ignore the signs, simply because it is an effort to fill up?  Each time we get into the car, we know we need to fill up and yet on some level, we convince ourselves we can go that little bit further and push the boundaries!

Most of the time we just make it, but there is always that day when we realise we have gone too far, and we run out of fuel and break-down.  Often “me” time is put on hold simply because we believe it is selfish act, or we feel guilty about giving this time for ourselves.

Allowing a small part of our day to recharge, even though it does take effort, is essential if we are to keep topped up and ready for what lies ahead.  We all deserve to have this time to ourselves and we all deserve to rest and nurture our mind and body.

Pushing the boundaries is inevitable some days, so when we take time to relax, refocus and recharge, we can come back to our responsibilities with greater focus, commitment and enjoyment.

Therefore, a great way to increase our productivity is by building the reservoir of energy within us and this can be received from nature, meditation, yoga and relaxing in a quiet environment.  The more fuel in our tank, the more we will achieve throughout our day.


16 thoughts on “Recharging

    1. Well done! you are an “honourable student” and it won’t be long until you are practising Satori – A very deep state of meditation in which notions of duality, self and indeed all concepts drop away. Profound satori is very close to an enlightenment experience.

  1. Another timely post, and thank you. I’ve been working on a deadline and running way past empty for a few weeks now. Plugging in and letting go is a necessity, not a luxury, isn’t it?

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