The Mountain

The achievements that I successfully completed in my life, were the ones that I was  focused on.  Even through the obstacles and challenges, I kept surrendering to my vision, not knowing when or how it might arrive, but believing it could happen when I got up every morning and took steps towards it.

It can be difficult to climb the Mountain and yet, when we have passion, focus and commitment, it allows us to walk with intention and complete our goals.

The story below show us that when our heart, mind and soul is focused on where we are going and what we want to achieve, anything is possible!

 The Mountain

There were two warring tribes in the Andes, one that lived in the lowlands and the other high in the mountains. The mountain people invaded the lowlanders one day, and as part of their plundering of the people, they kidnapped a baby from one of the families and took the infant with them back up into the mountains.

The lowlanders didn’t know how to climb the mountain. They didn’t know any of the trails that the mountain people used, and they didn’t know where to find the mountain people or how to track them in the steep terrain.

Even so, they sent out their best party of fighting men to climb the mountain and bring the baby home.

The men tried first one method of climbing and then another. They tried one trail and then another. After several days of effort, however, they had climbed only several hundred feet.

Feeling hopeless and helpless, the lowlander men decided that the cause was lost, and they prepared to return to their village below.

As they were packing their gear for the descent, they saw the baby’s mother walking toward them. They realized that she was coming down the mountain that they hadn’t figured out how to climb.

And then they saw that she had the baby strapped to her back. How could that be?

One man greeted her and said, “We couldn’t climb this mountain. How did you do this when we, the strongest and most able men in the village, couldn’t do it?”

She shrugged her shoulders and said, “It wasn’t your baby.”

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Never lose sight of your goals and your dreams.  They are always achievable!

20 thoughts on “The Mountain

  1. I was once on a hiking trip in the Alps and came to a point where the trail was very narrow and the precipice high and too close. I thought I couldn’t do it but I had no choice. It was scary for me but after I crossed it I was very pleased. We sometimes put obstacles in our paths even before trying.
    The story of the woman with the baby on her back is one to remember.
    May your weekend be obstacle free. 🙂

    1. Your story is a great example Carol of pushing through your fears and stepping into the unknown. It does give you a feeling of power and relief after achieving this and we should all do it more often in life. Thankyou 🙂

  2. Love this! If only I could take my experience with running my first marathon and translate it to some of my work projects. You’ve got me thinking – what’s my baby? Thanks!

    1. Exactly Vicki, We all have a “baby” or goal or dream to get to and when we are completely focused on getting it, then we can achieve many possibilities. Good luck with your marathon and projects! I am sure you will be amazing. 🙂

  3. Once again Karen, you share a vision that fits perfectly and comes at exactly the right time for me. It’s not about the mountain, it’s about the baby, and how strong is our devotion. Thank you.

    1. Life gives us exactly what we need, when we trust and believe. If we don’t have a “baby” or a reason to keep climbing the mountain, then we need to find what will drive that passion within us. Thankyou too MK, for being apart of this wonderful journey.

  4. Nice story on motivation. That is kind of the deal with our goal-setting. We always drift off, and that we always, always, need to find strong motivation to execute and continue with our goals.

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