“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen Hard. Practice wellness. Continue to learn.
Do what you love.  Live as if this is all there is.”  – Mary Anne Radmacher

An intention is a goal, vision, or idea that you wish to happen.  Deliberate clear intentions have the power to change our world.  Becoming conscious of setting our intentions each day, rather than relying on habit and the usual way we do things, can bring a conscious shift in our attitude and life.

Sending out our intentions into the world is a powerful act and overtime, we can create new thoughts and beliefs about what we want, and how we can begin drawing that into our lives.

Owning our life and becoming responsible to live deliberately and with clarity, can bring our dreams into reality.

Start by creating intentions that are meaningful to your life.  Intention is complete and directs your choices and your energy.  Positive intentions will feel expansive, light, uplifting, joyful, and peaceful.  You need to believe, feel, and/or experience that the manifestation of your intention can really be true for you.  Can you feel, or perhaps visualize, having the experience you want to have each day?

Some examples of the intentions I practice.

* Today I will nurture my needs  (visualize this happening for you)

* I am grateful for my abundance and the ability to share this

* There is peace and stillness always within me

* I am connected to all that is positive and good

* Love surrounds me and I am love

Try different words and sentences that resonate with you.  Write them down or use them as a mantra each day.  I have found great results when I take the time and make a conscious effort to practice them.  Start today!

29 thoughts on “Intention

  1. Wonderful list of intentions. Staying focused on such thoughts is a powerful way to release energetic blocks.

  2. hihi … and some days, maybe most, we only initiate intentions without actions, and that becomes the habit itself. 😀 Following through is hard to execute. Since you posted this … I intend to study for my promotion and will do it tonight, and not just hopefully. 😉 Thanks.

  3. Such great ideas and thoughts with this post Karen ~ “new thoughts and beliefs about what we want, and how we can begin drawing that into our lives.” Beautiful.

  4. Love this post Karen! I am a believer 🙂
    Setting a meaningful intention is so powerful. Whether it is for a meeting, in a yoga class, for the day ahead, for how you want to be in any given moment. When we are clear and state it something magic starts to happen …. as if the universe hears us and makes it happen.

    1. Love your comment Val, this is exactly how it happens and infact, I think it was in Yoga that I first practiced setting an intention and the universe does hear and reply accordingly! 🙂

  5. How very different my day feels between “Today I will finish pulling the weeds in the planters” compared to “Today I will live lovingly”. A better way to start my day. Thank you Karen.

  6. Oh Karen I need to read this over and over, my world is messy with kids and school and not getting to my projects. But thats okay my kids come first. Hopefully next week I will get more artwork completed.

    1. I know Kath, but don’t be too hard on yourself during these first few weeks back at school. Too much information and dates we have to remember! Just take a few minutes everyday to become conscious when you first wake up, thats when I do my intentions, as there doesn’t seem to be another time to consider them 🙂 Have a great weekend my friend.

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