Reality Check

Life is rooted in reality, not in our thoughts or emotions. – Sadhguru

We all know how the power of our thoughts and beliefs can affect our life, but to understand our beliefs don’t simply reflect our reality, but create our reality, is challenging to hear.

When life isn’t going the way we planned and someone says, “You are creating this” it certainly doesn’t make you feel better.  This is exactly what a beautiful mentor and friend told me many years ago, when my life wasn’t happy.

She told me I had two choices.  I could create a different life by making new choices and new commitments or be the victim in my story, not believing I had the power to change my reality and how I believed it was unfolding.

Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts – Buddha

I remember walking away from that session thinking she was a bit tough on me, as I was grieving at the time and yet, her words are still with me today, as I now understand the truth and wisdom in them.

The timing for me to hear this was perfect, and that is why I was able to make changes and embark on a new commitment to live and think differently.  I was ready. For someone else it may just be a seed planted and the timing for them may evolve later, or not at all.

When I began to see changes and realise how limited my understanding of life was, I wanted everyone to come with me and experience this same joy and power, but it was hard to pass on, as we all see and hear wisdom differently.

Being patient and compassionate towards each other, will help us understand that we all see life according to how we have been taught and that each of us has their own journey and story to live.

The truth of my reality will always be determined by how I feel and what I believe about each situation and when I became aware of the possibilities and the power of being able to shift that, then my reality shifted too.

Exciting as it is to know this, it is difficult to apply at times.  Still, each time I become aware of my thoughts, I also become aware of how quickly I can change it, and that’s a wonderful gift to have!

32 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. I agree with David. You had a wise mentor. Thankfully the information came to you at a time when you could absorb it. I have received (and likely still do) information before I was ready to absorb it and use it. In that case, it’s not quite worthless, but it isn’t really helpful. Yet.
    Hopefully it at least becomes a seed, that seed which in the future will grow and help us to adapt our beliefs and to change our lives.

    1. Thankyou Emilie, there have been times when I too could not absorb information but I found as long as I stay open to learn and know that life is always changing, then I am on the right track. 🙂

  2. Wonderful post! Wise mentor, indeed…and that wisdom is hard to hear, as you point out, when we are so deeply in our story of suffering. I’ve been there, myself. And yet when we find our freedom, it’s as if we have yet another lesson to learn about the differences in each other’s journeys. Wow, I felt as if you were telling my story. Thank you for this lovely and timely post. Blessings to you.

    1. It’s true Carrie, it was hard to hear. Thankyou for your comment and I am so glad it resonated with your own story. Your blogs reflect the wisdom and peace you have received along the way.

    1. I know Diana, but she wasn’t challenging me on my grief or losing my son. She was challenging me on my beliefs and thoughts at the time that I had about my relationships and life. I didn’t believe I had the courage or the power to change them and she guided me to understand and believe it was possible, and it was.

      The timing was hard because of the grief as well and yet, I did have the courage to start committing to change and this helped my grief too. Thankyou lovely friend.

  3. Karen, thank you for your willingness to hear that bit of wisdom, and to do the work to test it out in your own life. Your new vision, your example, and your message has become a blessing to so many, rippling around the world.

  4. Excellent, EXCELLENT post! Quite possibly just the best share of inspiring words you’ve done. Coming out of your senses and thinking and focusing clearly when things are hard is not an easy task. We deny it inside, but we sometimes create our own chaos. That sometimes we dig our own hole, deeper. Some even worse than others. We need to be reminded to let thise emotions out, or at least not overrule, and think rationally. It’s great that you had someone to enlighten you making a straight decision.

    1. Thanks Rommel, you are right, I think we all know deep down where change is needed. When we are prepared to accept that and make the commitment to change, is different for everyone. I was very blest to have her arrive in my life at the right time. Thanks for your comment.

  5. It can take tough love to face the truth and wake up. Its almost like we were asleep beforehand.
    What a great mentor …. and courageous you for facing the truth!

  6. I love it and I couldn’t agree more. It is hard sometimes to feel responsible for the bad things that occur, but it is so important to completely understand our part in our reality! Thoughts really are things and they have such power! Thanks for a brilliant post…<3

  7. Beautiful Karen, I know if I wake on the wrong side of the bed and say its going to be a bad day, it will be. The mind is an amazing thing. But it is a hard lesson this positive thinking. I start by being grateful for the smallest of events when times are challenging. Happy Friday to you.

    1. Everyday is different and I agree with you Kath. Waking up and deciding to be grateful and positive is always a choice but it’s the right choice. If we all make an effort, then we create more peace in this beautiful world. Happy Friday to you too, its pouring with rain but I have much to be grateful for today 🙂

  8. It is truly difficult not to let past challenges effect our future direction. They at times pop up as unexpected stones on a path to trip us up.
    I’ve referred often of a story by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen – I’ll paraphrase here.

    Sometimes in life we hit a sour note. Rather than trying the impossible, which is to retrieve that note and correct it; one should instead use that errant note as the first note of a new life symphony. In this way the sour note, which may represent some sad part of one’s life, is not simplya worthless cast off, but maintains value as the first step on a new unblemished road.

    1. Yes beautiful Alan. I have found too that when I force or try to change any part of me or my life, its very difficult. This is a great way to consider healing and moving forward. Thankyou 🙂

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