Acknowledge your Brilliance

How we vibrate within the world reflects back to us in every part of our life.  If we live fully, always open to hear the truth and continue to accept our joy, pain, sorrow and fear each time it arrives, we begin to understand there is a deeper place to live.

Everytime I believe I can do more or be more, I outwardly vibrate that energy towards another and allow them to acknowledge that truth within them as well.  Each time I love and accept the many layers of my shadow and the light within me, I allow that energy to arise in someone else.

We have a huge responsibility towards each other to continue to raise the vibration of love and peace and to believe in this divine energy within us.  Every thought, every action we have, affects us all.  Our contribution as small as it seems at times, is making an impact far greater than we will ever realise.

Our commitment to remind each other of this brilliance within, no-one less or more than another, happens when we continue to heal, nurture and become our authentic self.  In doing so, we will find an a deeper connection to each other and connect to a deeper love, hope and understanding of our journey ahead.





23 thoughts on “Acknowledge your Brilliance

  1. Karen this is so what I needed today, a minute or two reading your blog always lifts me up. After a week of sick kids and life being a bit challenging. I can come here and feel good. You must know how you effect people, for me I always feel some what lighter, thank you.

    1. Thankyou so much Kath. The truth is I still don’t really understand how much I affect others and yet, I am beginning to realise that when I speak, write or act from a place of love, my hope is that I ignite that in you also. I really appreciate your comment.

  2. “Every thought, every action we have, affects us all.” It is a kind of spiritual “butterfly effect”… and if course, it is very true, because we are all connected to Consciousness, it is such an evidence that we sometimes… forget it! I absolutely love Eine’s poem (it is a poem!) Great post as ever… thank you Karen…

  3. Its so easy to forget that we are energetic beings…. and the impact we have on others, the world around us and within our own selves.
    Its time to get out of my head today 🙂
    Thank you!

  4. I like this — “Every thought, every action we have, affects us all.” To be of service by finding the place of communion, and to be aided when someone near me does the same. I am reminded of a woman I knew only briefly, long ago when I worked in a college admissions office. She was so present, and so serene, that she affected everyone who was in that space.

    1. Thank you MK, I like your words “finding the place of communion” it makes all the difference in our lives and others. The lady in the office is a great example of what we can do. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The quote is beautiful Elizabeth and one we should all have on our fridge, reminding us how beautiful we are! Yes the trees do look like happy people, and I hope you receive those hugs today.

  5. Karen…such a wonderful post…full of love and compassion! Yes…we must lift each other up. I know how much it means to me to go to a better place where I actually feel good about myself. When others use their hands to lift me I feel even better! So I wish to lift you up….right here…right now…I think you are an amazing soul full of love and light and I am so grateful for YOU! ❤ ❤

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