Connecting to Community

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow-men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”  – Herman Melville

Recently I read about an idea that a small neighbourhood were planning to do.  At a designated home, all the neighbours were invited to attend and address the needs in the local area that were not being met.  Together, with their various Careers and resources each could offer, they were going to work on resolving these issues.

We all want to belong and feel we have a purpose in life.  These small connections to reach out and become aware of each other and our community, give us meaning and a feeling of worth.  So many of our neighbours are disconnected from society and feel isolated and alone in their pain.  How we respond on this small-scale to each other, is what will make the difference in our lives and in theirs.

In the street we used to live in, we had a neighbourhood street BBQ twice a year that helped connect us to our neighbours and become aware of those in need.  It is difficult to make this effort at times, considering how busy we have all become and yet, when we do, we are making a huge contribution to the community of life.

If you have experienced a connection that has worked in your neighbourhood, please share your story and encourage new ideas for us all.


11 thoughts on “Connecting to Community

  1. There is a saying in Africa, Karen – “a person is not a person without others.” The concept is known as “Ubuntu.”

    1. This is so true Don. I love that word and the meaning. Unfortunately, in Western society we tend to keep to ourselves and our own business, which is sad for those who really need a good neighbour.

  2. Life is connection… the “real” death is loneliness… I haven’t experienced a connection in my neighbourhood, but in the school I work, it works! For example connections between older and younger pupils… older ones can help younger ones etc… thank you Karen!

  3. I love this Karen! When Calgary experienced its devastating flood, many communities experienced this type of thing. How do we do it without being prompted by a disaster?
    Diana xo

    1. It is true Diana, we are all on board when there is a disaster!! I have seen that connection in my town with floods. Im not sure we can change that very much, although, I plan to do my bit this year living in a new neighbourhood and will invite some for drinks this christmas. It doesnt need to be big, just reaching out can help immensely.

  4. No matter if our neighborhood is a physical one, a virtual one, or an other group where like minded people gather … This is a such a powerful and compassionate message Karen.
    Thanks you!

  5. I wish I could say I have a wonderful neighborhood connection. I have lived here 13 years, on a street with only 6 houses, and we have no connections. I was at my last house 10 years…same thing. So sad. People are all so busy. We hate to intrude. Lots of excuses….but none mend this broken community. I look forward to reading more about this topic. I set my intention to allow and encourage a community of caring and compassionate neighbors.

    1. Thankyou so much for your honest comment and from the lack of stories shared on this topic, this is true for all of us in our neighborhood

      It sometimes took a couple of weeks in our neighborhood before we could come up with a date that would suit us all. The effort was always worth it, as I always knew that if I ever needed a hand or help in anyway, that those neighbours were there for me and my family.

      This support is important and can often save lives. I think just becoming aware of this issue is a great start.

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