Keeping Safe

“Say goodbye to this energy of fear that keeps us safe but small.” ― Panache Desai

I was at the Dentist last week with my daughter and the Dentist who is young, intelligent and extremely capable, was telling us how she didn’t finish her training as an Orthodondist because she knows her limitations and that there are people better suited to this job.

Do we know our limitations?  Are we certain that at a particular point we are done and are now safe to stay in that place?  It made me question my own life and how I keep a safe zone in certain areas and yet, in doing so I may be missing out on wonderful opportunities to test my boundaries and discover there is so much more to expand and experience.

In testing my boundaries I become vulnerable and exposed to the opinion of others, but once I move through these emotions and let go of my need of approval or fear of failure, I can begin to feel more confident in my choices and in knowing it is possible to leave this safety.

I think we forget that our comfort zone is often just fear of stepping out into the unknown and of challenging ourselves beyond the belief of who we think we are.  Our wounds from the past and our self-belief keep us locked up and unable to believe we can do more or be more.

Breaking out of our comfort zone is not without it’s challenges, still, we may never know what is behind the door until we open it and when we do, we may find some amazing dreams unfold because we took a chance.

“Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.”  – Shannon L Alder

19 thoughts on “Keeping Safe

  1. What a coincidence — I received a series of meditations by Panache Desai nearly a year ago as a premium for a public radio station. Just today I moved them to my iPod so I can start listening.

    I know that my limitations are all self-made, like your dentist. It is so odd. In my heart I know I am so much more than my “rational” mind conceives.

    1. It’s not bad at all. You are definitely a mover Diana and often step out of your comfort zone, like the change in your wardrobe from black to colour! One of many examples!!

  2. Val has found the perfect words: “challenges bring us to life”! I especillay like S.Adler’s quote. Our “comfort zone” may become a prison if we don’t try (and accept) to become vulnerable as you say. Great post Karen! Thank you 🙂

    1. Thankyou Frederic, this quote is very true. The prison is our mind and the only way to break free is to challenge those comfort zones and thoughts that keep us there. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Karen I was always the safe one and now as I age gracefully I seem to be pushing my boundaries. Five years ago if someone had told me my future and said you will be writing and illustrating a picture book I would have laughed at them. I am now realising each dream takes time and I am enjoying the learning along the way.

    1. So good to hear Kath and it’s unusual, as a lot of people as they age, find they are more fearful to step out into the unknown because they have always reacted the same way! So you go girl, as you have much to give the universe!

  4. Must thank you for this post. Opened it today with my morning coffee, and surprisingly it replied me to some questions I’ve bee running in my thoughts for a while. We always know we need to make that one step outside of our comfort zone, but we normally spend some time pausing. It’s like entering the cold water pool, and finally deciding to immerse your whole self into the water, to begin the joyful swim! 🙂
    Hahaha just thank you )

    1. Hi Sofia and thankyou for your comment. I love your analogy of the cold water, step by step we enter slowly, until we fully immerse into our potential! I am glad we connected.

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