What is happiness?  What are we wishing for exactly? It’s different for everyone and usually depends on the illusions we have conjured up over the years, from our upbringing and from fairy tales!

When we look for happiness in the future or believe that if the past was different we would be happier, then we will not find it.

“Happiness is when your life fulfills your needs.”

If happiness fulfills our needs, then what are our needs? To find our needs we need to discover who we are and understand our past beliefs. Sometimes we need to strip everything back or lose everything to find this.

Happiness for me is “acceptance” of myself in this moment.  Good, bad or ugly, when I truly accept my state of being in this present situation (extremely difficult at times!) I find I can be content and happy, when I resist it and want something different, I’m unhappy.

What if my needs are not being met? and Is this really a need or a desire? and is this desire an illusion?  Is this need evolving and we just need to be patient to receive it in the right time? It’s good to question ourselves in stillness and see what arises in between these questions because in the stillness, the truth will be revealed.

True happiness creates positive energy and this creates, good health, like-minded people and happier experiences day-to-day.

What makes you happy? It’s worth exploring what happiness means for you because when you find it, you will want to share it and in sharing it, others will be inspired too!

10 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Very good and thought provoking post, Karen.
    Too often people look to the temporal for happiness. If that is all they seek, their happiness wil be as temporary as those things.
    If there can be any wisdom found in a comedy I believe their is some in “The Nutty Professor,” starring Jerry Lewis. He said, when he failed in his experiment to convert his nerdy self to a cool guy: “You better like yourself, because you have to live with you the rest of your life.”

    1. Great quote Alan, thankyou. I think most of us struggle to accept and love ourselves completely and so we often look outwardly to search for this happiness, when it is within us already. The Nutty Professor did have a good point!

  2. Hmmm … I’m sorry, but it’s kind of hard to agree. 😀 I don’t quite get the emphasis on the “need” when talking about happiness. Just like your commentators replied with, watching birds and service to others. I think those are more on desire than necessity. I do think seeking what your hearts desire will make you happy. People who live on supplying their needs, I feel they’re very imprisoned by life’s demands. Even then, I can’t really judge because if that is what makes them happy, so be it. 😉

    1. Great comment, thankyou. “Need” and “Desire” holds a different meaning to each one of us. I guess a better description is “soul purpose” because when I am doing what I am deeply called to, I am doing what makes me happy.

      So how do I know what that is? I need to find out who I am and what my needs are and search within to know? I am lucky enough to have found my soul’s purpose, it has taken a lot of patience and a lot of letting go but it is a gift of happiness to me.

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