I Can’t means, I Won’t

"i can't" #choices

I am always amazed how much I can achieve in life, simply when I stop saying  “I can’t.”  My inner beliefs have always limited my true-self.  With practice and stepping out of my comfort zone persistently, I found I could achieve a great deal more than I ever thought, and began to trust there is unlimited potential within me.

Since “I can’t” means “I won’t” in our mind, if we keep repeating it, then we start to believe it.  Below are some examples of the limitations we place on ourselves everyday, overtime these become our truth and yet, they are just illusions of our mind.

“I can’t play sport”

“I can’t afford to travel”

“I can’t see a better future”

“I can’t do that, it’s too difficult”

“I can’t find someone who loves me”

“I can’t forgive”

Visualising what we want and practising affirmations and mantras, help rewire our mind to believe anything is possible and can help us move forward.  We don’t necessarily need to drop all our old ideas completely, they just need to be reassessed and reshaped.

Become conscious of how often you say “I can’t” and then ask “Why not?”

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

14 thoughts on “I Can’t means, I Won’t

  1. I hear what you’re saying Karen, but there are some things I just can’t do like breathe under water or walk through walls like a ghost…but I guess someone could invent something that would allow me to do those things…. 😉
    Diana xo

    1. Well, I think you are underestimating your potential Diana! You may be surprised how thin those walls really are. LOL

    1. Thankyou Mary, I do think we limit ourselves in many areas of our life and when we listen carefully, we may find there is more.

  2. Very true… “I can’t” is often a kind of pretext. Thanks for this thoughtful post & cheers from sunny and beautiful Sicily 🙂

  3. I love your assessments. It’s in human nature to limit ourselves with certain things. To me, it’s really all about personal preferences and desire. I, myself, don’t follow through some things, but I’ll work on rewiring my mind. 😀 Thanks!

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