Stepping out

“At times we are all afraid of losing what we have, whether it’s our life or others or our possessions.  But this fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and the history of the world were written by the same hand.”  – Paul Coelho

My Aunty lost her son earlier this year and she has struggled immensely with her grief and her guilt.  Today she called to tell me about an experience she had, as she was walking along the beach.

She said she was walking alone, lost in the moment when suddenly she felt her son’s presence strongly come by her side.  At first she looked behind her because she was sure someone was near her and yet,  she saw no-one.  She then felt his hand placed softly on her back and he said “All you need to do, is keep moving forward.”

Such a simple statement and yet it was exactly what she needed to hear, to help her in that moment and encourage her.  She was overwhelmed for a few hours after at the thought that he was near her, but as she began to absorb the words he said, she realised it was all she needed to do and that she didn’t need to know how or why it happened.

When we feel overwhelmed in life, whether it is from grief or loneliness or feeling that life is not working towards your goal, you do not need to do anything besides accept, let go and continue to move forward.

If we stay in the pain of the past or locked in what we need right now, we cannot see the bigger picture ahead and all that life will bring us.  Instead, when we have the courage to sit in our pain and see and accept it for what it is, you will begin to trust that change and peace will come, just like the seasons and the sunsets.

As we all reflect on what this year has taught us and has given us, let us not forget that when we thought nothing was changing, it did, or when we thought life would never get better it did, or when we never thought that one of our goals would be completed it did or will in time.

We just need to remember to keep moving forward, always in hope and in love and never lose sight of how precious this moment is.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.” – Eckhart Tolle

One thought on “Stepping out

  1. Beautifully written and very true. Sometimes it is tricky to get out of our heads to enjoy the bigger picture, but for the glimpses that we do it is definitely worth it.

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