Our Mirror

“Everyone who comes into our life blesses us with the opportunity to forgive,  love and accept the parts of ourselves they are mirroring.” – Sa Silvano

How often are we annoyed at others in our life and yet feel they are separate from us and our own beliefs about who we are? Did you know that the things that annoy us, is just a mirror of our inner self and the parts we do not accept?

When we are conscious of this thought, we will begin to see that the external world is simply showing us what is hidden in the shadows of our inner world.  – Sa Silvano

It is difficult to understand this concept.  We hide different aspects of ourselves unconsciously and so it isn’t easy to confront or see this truth.  While we continue to deny this truth, we will continue to have the same type of people come into our life and show us what needs to be accepted.

Once you understand it is in you, you can bring light and love to this part of yourself and allow it to heal.  You will be amazed at how quickly your outer world will respond to this healing and it will give you a different reflection from those around you and how you live your life.

So how can this healing happen?

Sit quietly on the grass or ground at home and take some deep breaths.  Feel the part of yourself that is angry or hurt, ask where in your body are you feeling this and then send love and breath to that area.

If you can’t feel it, then just keep breathing deeply and allowing your anger and hurt to be released into the earth or ground with each breath.

See the person you are angry at in your mind and forgive them.  Breathe deeply.  If you need to do this a couple of times then do. Now see this person surrounded in light and breathe deeply.

Ask yourself where inside of you there is a need to let go and heal.  Feel where it is and forgive yourself.  Breathe deeply.

Now see this person with you surrounded in love and light, hold that image. Breathe deeply.

There is not always an instant fix for our pain and yet, practicing this ritual and meditation daily, will help release any anger and hurt towards others and move us into a higher understanding of our connection to everyone and the gifts they bring us.

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