Our Shadow

“It is our responsibility to bring into the light that which is darkest.”

What is our shadow?  Shadow is an aspect within each of us, that part of our nature that we would rather not share if possible, because the shadow holds our vulnerabilities.

Our shadow is often the part that we don’t wish to see in our life, and just as often a part that we can’t see, and yet, for some reason we have no trouble seeing it in others.

I always see my shadow when I’m irritated with others and start being judgemental towards life and myself.  I see my shadow more quickly now and let it go more quickly, simply because when I practice meditation and yoga it opens me up to see more clearly.

If we are not honoring a practise daily through humility, then the ego gets involved, and when we think we are greater than our ego, we lose sight of our shadow.

“Through humility we hold the medicine of love and wisdom. Humility keeps us teachable, on a humble path, an authentic path of power.”

Humility is the ability to use a higher thought process to evaluate the situation as it is, truthfully and honestly.  As we step into global and unity consciousness through a practise of meditation, yoga and stillness, we must carry the understanding that there is plenty for all.

We have to be willing to self-scrutinise by checking our motives. What are my motives?  What am I fearful of? What can I change in myself to make life more joyful and abundant. Try and stay out of fear in every situation.  Acknowledging it, without judgment, can transform it.

“It would be much more to the point for us to make a serious attempt to recognise our own shadow and its doings. If we could see our shadow, (the dark side of our nature), we should be immune to any moral and mental infection.”

It’s the doings, not the shadow, that get us into trouble! Energy is energy; it’s what we do with it that matters.

When we notice the shadow in someone else, instead of sitting in judgement of them, try holding them in a higher place through forgiveness and love and see what happens.

If we resent so and so because they did x, y, and z, we can ask ourselves, “How did it affect me? What could I have done differently?”

When we see the shadow, place it onto the table and surrender. “Oh, yeah, that’s me, too.” Once we have seen it, it loses its power, and we can choose how to respond differently. Honesty gives us freedom from self-deception.

“Let’s honor all the beautiful medicine out there that is trying to grow. Let’s ground ourselves in our own truths with open eyes and a compassionate heart.”

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