It’s all here

“As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be, you can’t see how it is.”
ram dass


BOY: “I miss my Mom who died.  Really Bad.”

OLD WOMAN: “Maybe try missing her really well.”

BOY:  “How do I do that?”

OLD WOMAN: “See that Sunrise?  Sunset?  Blue Sky? Forest? See how beautiful the colours are?  How clear and clean the air feels?  How good it feels inside of you?

BOY:  “Yes.”

OLD WOMAN:  “Your Mom lives in that.  So maybe you can say, “Thanks Mom.” when you see and feel things like that.”

BOY:  “I miss my Mom really well now.”

Richard Wagamese – Embers


When we feel overwhelmed in loss, or deep change;

Step outside, breathe in and let go of how you think it should be right now.

Be still, open up and see life and death from a different perspective.

In this space we will find peace again.

31 thoughts on “It’s all here

    1. Knowing you feel challenged is a beautiful awareness in you Irene. Keep breathing out what you think must be different to be happy and each day slowly open up and allow what is. Knowing what to do next will arise in the surrender. 🌈💚

      1. I do know why, Karen.
        I lost my two old cats last year and now my young dog at 7 years old have aggressive bone cancer. I need to act responsible to this inside very few days and two weeks ago, I thought he was a healthy dog.

  1. I love it, Karen! I have a little bird that visits…I swear it is my father!! And he was here this morning so I wonder what his message is…
    Hope you are well…Happy February!

  2. Been feeling unsettled of late and focusing more on the irritants than the blessings…never a good thing. Thx for bringing my attentions back to where they should be. 😘😘

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