Shared Energy

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To be connected to each other and the universe is a gift. 

To be aware of that connection even greater. 

To be grateful for it, infinitely expands it.  – K Lang



“We approach our lives on different trajectories, each of us spinning in our own separate shiny orbits.

What gives this life its resonance, is when those trajectories cross and we become engaged with each other, for as long, or as fleetingly as we do. 

There’s a shared energy then, and it can feel as if the whole universe is coming together. 

I live for those times.

No one is truly ever “just passing through.”

Every encounter good or difficult, has within it the power of enchantment;

If we are willing to look for it.”

Richard Wagamese –

21 thoughts on “Shared Energy

  1. A beautiful piece. It is more difficult to appreciate this shared energy if the interaction is unpleasant. But we have to be truly willing to look for it. With practice, we will be able to find wonder, enchantment even in those encounters.

    1. I think we just have to be with and in light energy. That way we don’t have to change anything around us. And yes, that takes practice. Thank you Piro 🙂

  2. Very true and profound post, Karen. We are all One and the world is full of positive energies that is sustaining all of us in it. Though living in a world of duality there is negativity too but that too is sustained in this vast field of Love and Light. Loved the picture, Karen.

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