Creating Balance

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Creating balance in life isn’t easy.  It would be nice to take a pill for more masculine energy, like courage, strength and decision-making, or a pill for more feminine energy, like compassion, nurturing and rest. Either way, our bodies are our best teachers and always let us know what is out of balance.

According to yoga philosophy, the male energy is symbolized by the sun and the feminine by the moon. These complementary channels on either side of the body are known as Nadis (the word meaning a stream) though which Prana (life force) circulates.

The feminine channel, known as Ida Nadi governs the left side of the body. The masculine channel known as Pingala Nadi governs the right side of the body.

When we operate primarily from our masculine side, we may feel stressed, overworked, feel unloved or disconnected as a result.  When we operate primarily from our feminine side we may feel victimized, lethargic, unable to make decisions and overwhelmed from giving out too much.

From experience, I have found if I have any pain or injury on my left side, it’s time to go inward, nurture and listen to my intuition.  If I have any pain or injury on my right side, it’s time to take action and look to see where I need to make changes or need to create new directions.

Of course, nurturing ourselves through any injury or sickness is essential, but next time it happens, check which side it is on, and listen to your body. 

It knows a lot more about you than you think!

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27 thoughts on “Creating Balance

  1. Beautiful and inspiring post, Karen and yes I too agree totally with these words. One has to go inward and check out why are we sometimes having problems in some parts of our body and once we are in balance all is good. Great post.

    1. Hi Eliza

      The following information is a guideline for these parts of our body, but some of it may resonate with you.💚💕

      Wrists – feeling chained, stuck or overworked. May have Difficulty changing your mind and letting go.

      Tune into your wrist how does it feel? do you have a watch or chain around it? Take them off for a few days if so, and see where you can let go of any responsibilities that keep you chained and allow change in your life, it might be time.

      Right Knee – can be an issue with a significant male in your life. Fear of failure. Or difficulty moving forward into what you want in your life. Where are you being inflexible? Are you doing what you need right now? Can you give yourself permission?

      I hope this helps. Let me know and spend some time breathing into these parts of your body and listen. They will tell you 🌈💕

      1. Thank you, Karen. These definitely ring bells. The wrist is definitely overworked with all my gardening, but there may be more to it. Knee– ‘refusal to bend’ as Louise Hay puts it. Yep, definitely a stubborn woman at heart! Won’t give up/in easily… gotta work on that! 😉

  2. Thanks Karen for sharing this perspective and adding to it. I had to smile at the partner yoga tho … in someone’s dreams I’m sure 😉

  3. I particularly loved the insights you shared here from your experience, Karen. I’ll need to go inside now and listen to my intuition ❤

  4. Love this post! 16 years ago doctors found a benign brain tumor on my right side, it was successfully removed. However, given its location, etc. I have some spatial weakness, etc. on my right side, in particular it literally affected my balance. Balance, it is all about nurturing the two halves of ourselves and finding that space in the middle. Apparently, some of us get gobsmacked with it in order to figure it out, and I say this about myself with love and laughter!

    1. Wow Heather! That’s a big scare and you are right, our body definitely lets us know what is out of balance! Lucky your body has such a beautiful soul, who is willing to learn and surrender to life. Blessings to you my friend 💚💕🌈

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